Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday Pictures

Calimba, Traveller and Cinnamonimg_0952-800x600


Sabrina and Sparkyimg_0622-800x600

Cino being clipped . . . img_1050-800x600

. . . Cino after his clip . . . img_1063-800x600

. . . he was anxious to return to his pasture matesimg_1068-800x544

Oscar is always watching us and passing judgementimg_6820-800x600

Apollo and Babyimg_8143-800x600

Levendi and Hemiimg_8164-800x600

Paramount, B-Rad and Bluimg_8211-800x600

Toledo and Rockyimg_8294-800x600

King and Revyimg_8731-800x600

Elfin and Grand hoping I'm coming with breakfast while Rip was happy with the grassimg_8757-800x626

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Stills

Cino, Bruno, Remmy, Duesy, Merlinimg_0299-800x600

Gibson and Flyerimg_0335-800x600

Quigly and Mickimg_0385-800x600

Sam and Mielimg_0452-800x600

Sebastian and Bluimg_0480-800x600

Dawn, Cuffie and Charlotteimg_0484-800x600

Gus, Asterik and Georgeimg_0516-800x600

Lotus and Gibsonimg_0755-800x600

Magic and Ripleyimg_0915-800x600

Cisco and Babyimg_8175-800x600

Dawn, Cinnamon and Dollyimg_8224-800x600

Roho and Gusimg_8384-800x600

Wilson and Walonimg_8448-800x600

Maisie and Dollyimg_8512-800x600

Norman and Lilyimg_8519-800x600

Donneur and Romeoimg_8557-800x600

Alfie, Duesy and Banerimg_8596-800x600

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday Pictures

Gibson and Silverimg_0733-800x600

Havana and Fabrizzioimg_0253-800x600

Duesy, Art and Cinoimg_0254-800x629

Squirrel, Sushi and Rubricoimg_0680-800x600


Baby and Triggerimg_0830-800x600

Moe and Thomasimg_7566-800x600

Cocomo and Donneurimg_8560-800x600

Charlotte and MyLightimg_8594-800x600

Chance and Conveyimg_8639-800x600

Remmy, Alfie and Taylorimg_8777-800x600

Homerimg_8806-800x600 img_8808-800x600 img_8809-800x600

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Stills

Gus being clipped . . . img_0862-800x600

. . . Gus after his second clip of the seasonimg_0870-800x600

Bruno getting his second clip . . . img_0864-800x600

. . . Bruno finishedimg_0868-800x600

Norman in progress on his second clip . . . img_0954-800x600

. . . Norman finished . . .img_0956-800x600

. . . Norman breaking in his second clip by rolling immediately after being returned to his pastureimg_0957-800x600

B-Rad and Paramountimg_0394-800x600

Nemo and Tacoimg_0398-800x600

Johnny, Lighty, Happy and Samimg_0430-800x600

Quigly and Digbyimg_0448-800x600

Johnny, Toledo and Rockyimg_0503-800x600

Sparky and Sabrinaimg_0574-800x600

Bruno and Alfieimg_0617-800x600

Donneur, Lofty and Asterikimg_0731-800x600

Ripley and Walonimg_0975-800x600

Hemi and Apolloimg_8156-800x600

Calimba, MyLight and Dollyimg_8226-800x600

Charlotte and Travellerimg_8229-800x600


Rip, Grand and Elfinimg_8729-800x600

King and Levendiimg_8804-800x600