Thursday, October 20, 2016

Life Statement T-Shirt

Although I am minimizing my time on social media until after the election is over it still has its good points on occasion. A link to purchase the shirt below appeared in my feed last week. I guess I have shared too many pictures of Sparky the donkey, and of course this proves that we are spied on via social media. Regardless of the spying, I really liked the shirt so I ordered one. 

My new life statement t-shirt arrived a couple of days ago and I have already worn it. I think it's great. For reasons that are unclear to me Jason does not seem to like it nearly as much as I like it. 


my new t-shirt

Johnny and Lighty

Happy and Taco were playing . . . 

. . . and then I got the usual "oh hey, we're jsut standing here" look

Rip and Grand

Convey and Baby

Charlotte, Traveller and Norman


Havana and Bruno

Merlin, Cino and Lightning

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Playful Tuesday Pictures

The images of Duesy (bay), Merlin (gray) and Remmy (chestnut) are all screen caps from a video I took of the three of them being wild before breakfast 

Donovan and River

Toledo and Walon

Thomas, Moe and Grand

a closer look at Thomas and Moe

Elfin and Grand

Johnny and Murphy

Lighty and Nemo

Blu and B-Rad

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Stills

Mick and Miel

Cisco and Levendi

Lightning and Cino

Johnny was napping hard . . . 

. . . and gave me the evil eye for disturbing his nap by taking his picture

Oskar, Donovan, Wilson and Walon

Apollo and Thomas

Baby and Homer

Gus and Roho


Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Website, New Blog

After looking at our outdated website for far too long, Jason and I finally convinced ourselves it was time to completely overhaul our old site. You can check out our new site at We found a great company to work with us, EqGraphics, and we finally have a new website. It was fun to take a long walk down memory lane and scroll through literally thousands of pictures of the horses and the farm. I spent a few days going through pictures and reliving countless moments in time captured in photographs. We're still tweaking the text and a few other things, but the site is now up and functioning as the face of Paradigm Farms to the world. For all of you that have been to our farm in person I think you will find that scrolling through the site feels like being at our farm.

My favorite part of our new website is the testimonials page. Neither Jason or I are very good at asking for things for ourselves. We're not shy about asking for anything our residents might need, but we're terrible at asking things for ourselves. Thus, it was with great trepidation that I sent out an email asking for testimonials. I think my finger must have hovered over the send button for several minutes before I finally clicked send. The response we received from both our current clients and those whose horses have passed, was overwhelming. At times I literally cried tears of gratitude and thankfulness while reading the heartwarming words from so many people who have trusted us with their horses. The testimonials page means the world to me, and you can find it by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage or go directly to the testimonials page by clicking here.

We have also migrated all of the old posts on this blog to the new site, and the blog is now a part of the website. I'm still learning how to "drive" my new site and use the functions  - it isn't hard but I trend towards being a Luddite - so for a short while my blog will remain in both places. At some point in time, I'll let you know when, the permanent homepage for this blog will be located here. For now I'll maintain both blogs while I work with my learner's permit on the new location for the blog. Hopefully I'll graduate to my driver's license shortly.

That's our "big" news from our little corner of the world.


 Flyer and Gibson

Flyer, Cocomo, Romeo, Lotus (Faune is barely visible behind Romeo and Lotus)

Cocomo, Asterik and George

Cocomo, Asterik and Silver waiting for breakfast

Cisco, Rip and Grand

 Bonnie and Sabrina

Timbit being groomed; no one begs for this job

Convey and Trigger playing

Moe, Homer, Hemi and Apollo

Dawn and MyLight