Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wednesday Pictures

Taco and B-Radimg_1190-800x600

Dawn and Cinnamonimg_1297-800x600

King and Revyimg_1711-800x600

Remmy and Duesyimg_1758-800x600

Baner, Art and Remmyimg_1807-800x600

Rubrico, Gus and Rohoimg_1985-800x600

Walon and Wilsonimg_2159-800x600

Magic and Ripleyimg_2400-800x600

Trigger and Elfinimg_2685-800x600

Digby and B-Rad groomingimg_2825-800x600

Charlotte and Maisieimg_2842-800x583


Maggie and Renattaimg_3074-800x600

Sparky, Sabrina, Flower and Timbitimg_3190-800x600

Cuffie, Renatta and Lilyimg_3676-800x600

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Stills

Calimba and Renattaimg_0681-800x595

Happy, Johnny and Lightyimg_1400-800x600

Merlin and Havanaimg_1472-800x600


Cuffie and Travellerimg_1672-800x600


Taylor and Alfieimg_1836-800x600

George coming for breakfastimg_1954-800x600

Cino, Alfie, Taylor, Havana and Art grazing before breakfastimg_2384-800x600

Quigly and Sebastianimg_2389-800x600

Charlotte and Normanimg_2441-800x600

Cisco and Revyimg_2585-800x600

Flyer and Gibsonimg_2797-800x600

Traveller, Dawn, Renatta and Cinnamonimg_2832-800x598

Hemi, Thomas and Apolloimg_3381-800x600

Lily, Dolly and Missyimg_3615-800x609

Thursday, September 13, 2018

New Faces

We have been very busy over the past week. After having to say some sad goodbyes over the summer, we have gotten to say some hellos over the last week. Ricardo, Renny (not to be confused with our other resident Remmy, both chestnuts and in the same pasture!), Maggie and Missy. Ricardo, Maggie and Missy's people have all been long time clients at Paradigm Farms so we were thrilled to meet new residents from them. Renny's mom probably knows many of our clients so his connections to Paradigm Farms are strong as well.

Everyone arrived at civilized hours on shiny rigs so that was a bonus. Jason often refers to horse shippers as vampires because they love to show up at our farm at about 3am. Between 2am and 3am has to be the most common arrival time we have with commercial shippers. I understand that they don't want to drive the horses in the heat of the day during the summer months, and at any time of year like to avoid as much traffic as possible by driving at night. But the 3am arrival times do take a bit of the fun out of things so it was extra special to have reasonable arrival times over the past week.

Welcome to Ricardo, Renny, Maggie and Missy!

Missy's arrival. I'm pointing to Missy on the back of the trailer and telling Jason, "that's Missy!"missy-arrival-1-800x600

Maggie's first look at Paradigm Farmsimg_2911-800x600

Renny's arrival at Paradigm Farmsimg_2912-800x600

Ricardo (left) and Renny; Ricardo's mom says he is sticking his tongue out saying, "haha, I'm retired and you're not!"img_2913-800x600


Ricardo and Chanceimg_3220-800x600

Art making Renny feel welcome by grooming with himimg_3266-800x600

Missy is pretty enthralled with the grassimg_3337-600x800


Havana and Fabrizzio groomingimg_1598-800x603

Renatta and Cinnamonimg_1611-800x600

Cuff Links and Dawnimg_1616-800x600

Convey and Chanceimg_1690-800x600

Magic, Squirrel and Sushiimg_1763-800x600

Rubrico and Toledoimg_1983-800x600

Donneur, George and Loftyimg_2058-800x600

Maisie, Renatta and Calimbaimg_2209-800x600

Nemo and Tacoimg_2257-800x600

Blu, B-Rad and Tacoimg_2297-800x600

Johnny and Happyimg_2316-800x624

Romeo and Lotus groomingimg_2435-800x600

Elfin, Grand and Ripimg_2503-800x600

Baby and Levendiimg_2536-800x600

Revy and Homerimg_2618-800x600

Moe and Babyimg_2706-800x600

Silver, Gus, Cocomo and Asterikimg_2807-800x600

Mick and Mielimg_3259-800x600

Sam and Miel groomingimg_2254-800x600