Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Stills

Lofty and Donneur

Lotus, Silver and Cocomo


Romeo and Gus

Flyer and Gibson

Sebastian and Bear

Taco and Lighty

Asterik and Gus

George and Asterik

Quigly and Happy

Mick and Taco

Gus and Lofty

Donneur and Gibson

Baby and Chance

Lily and Diamond

Johnny, Taco, Happy and Quigly

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Marathon, Round Two

We spent the last few days having our second round of body clipping. We did the first round in late May, and ended up clipping around 25 horses. Round two was a lot easier since we "only" clipped ten horses this time. My shoulders had barely recovered from round one, and they've let me know that ten horses was plenty for round two. As always, the horses we are having to clip have PPID/cushing's, and they never stop growing hair. Some horses we clip once during the season, others up to four, it varies from horse to horse. It can also differ from year to year with each horse. Sometimes we end up clipping a horse more often, and sometimes we end up clipping a horse less often. We treat each horse as an individual so that they each get what they need. We'll move on to round three of body clipping in the near future.

Gus being clipped

Gus after his clip

Maisie and Lily kept each other company while they were being clipped

Lily checking out all of the hair that was clipped off of her

Bruno being clipped

Bruno after his clip

Norman and Cuffie kept each other company while they were being clipped

King hates being clipped so we drove a generator out into the pasture and let him eat while he was clipped in the pasture with his buddies. Talk about delivering customized service.

As always, Sparky the donkey had the most hair to be clipped off and stood the most still

Sparky heading back to the pasture after his clip

We can always count on Sebastian to stand quietly while being clipped

Hemi, Grand and Rip (Vinnie hiding behind them)


Cuffie and Traveller

Cisco and Ricardo

Maggie and Charlotte

Taco and B-Rad

Digby and Quigly

Penny and Maggie

Taylor and Alfie

Merlin, Duesy and Art

Sport, Cody and Remmy had a 3-way horseplay session

Remmy and Cody kept it going for awhile

Bruno and Renny

Cinnamon and Dawn

Digby and Paramount

Norman and Maggie

life is good for Vinnie

Maisie and Lily

Baner, Havana, Art and Renny

Convey and Trigger

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Stills


Dawn, Jake and Missy

Cuffie and Dolly

Vinnie, Hemi and Thomas

Dawn and Jake


Walon and Rubrico

Gus, Rocky, Sushi, Toledo and Squirrel

Rubrico and Wilson


Levendi and Moe

B-Rad, Blu and Ascot

Traveller and Dawn


Maggie and Cuffie

Roho and Ripley