Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stills

Silver, Cocomo, Asterik and George

Toledo, Oskar and Walon

Mick under a pretty morning sky

Donneur and Lofty


Hesse and Remmy

Flyer and Faune

Leo and Chance having some quality grazing time with the wild turkeys behind them

Baby and Moe

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life With Timbit

Even though he is technically a miniature horse and not a pony, Timbit lives up to every stereotype there is of a pony. He can be hard to catch, if he thinks you have stopped paying attention to him for 1/16th of a second he'll bite you. He has lots of charming habits like that. 

We used three strands of electric tape to set up a paddock for our recent additions to the farm, Rubrico and Mick.  Jason made the top two strands of electric tape hot but not the bottom strand. As you can see in the videos below this was a strategic mistake on Jason's part. 

At some point Timbit decided he needed access to the paddock with the new horses and he realized the bottom strand wasn't going to stop him.  So he decided to personally welcome our newest residents to the farm. Except I think his actual motive was more to get a rise out of them and see what he could get away with. Rubrico obliged him by getting rowdy. Mick mostly just ignored him and grazed, probably hoping the annoying little horse would go away. This is life with Timbit.


Timbit and Rubrico. I think the best part of this video is the very end when Timbit tosses his head at Rubrico from the other side of the electric fence. It is like he is saying "haha, you can't do that!"

Mick refuses to get worked up by Timbit's presence

Timbit and Rubrico

Timbit and Mick

Donovan, Toledo and Rocky on the run

Johnny and Lighty

only blingy chestnuts were allowed in this picture; Tony, Baby and Leo

Levendi, Ritchie and Trigger were all having playtime

Hemi and Rip hanging out

Johnny and Walon

Jason looking thrilled to be holding Merlin and Fabrizzio while they waited their turns with the farrier

Cocomo and Asterik playing halter tag

Fune tried to help Asterik remove his halter

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wet and Vet

It is only Tuesday and I will admit I'm pretty ready for this week to be done. The two adjectives that would best describe the last couple of days are rain and vet. We've seen more than our share of both in the last couple of days. 

After having exactly 0.0 inches of rain at the farm in the month of September we are already at eight inches and counting for the month of October. Rain is great and generally I don't complain about it much, but I'm teetering on the edge of complaining about it after the last few days of rain and more rain. 

Our main vet is great too and I don't usually complain about him either. But generally the more I am having to see and talk to him the more it means things are not going to plan. As we were feeding horses yesterday we kept finding problem after problem. I so love our long stretches where we have no need to see or talk to a vet. However those stretches always seem to end in an impressive manner. We've seen the vet twice in the last couple of days and made a trip to the clinic with a horse. The good news is everything seems to be back under control.  The bad news is we appear to have re-entered another run of vet visits. 

If you looked at my phone calls and text messages from the last couple of days you would see pretty much every phone call and text message was with the vet. If Jason and I did not work together and he only glanced at my phone activity he would immediately wonder exactly who this person was and why I needed to talk and text with him over and over and over.

If you need me in the next few days just look for the soaking wet person talking to her horse vet on the phone. If you see that person you will have found me. According to the AccuWeather app on my phone we are supposed to have a few dry days in a row coming up. However given the volume of rain we've had, and given the number of times AccuWeather has told me it is cloudy or sunny as I find myself in the midst of a downpour the last few days . . . Let's just say I've lost faith in my weather app since it has lied to me repeatedly. 


MyLight, Calimba and Cinnamon waiting for breakfast

Moe and Levendi

Lucky and Duesy

Merlin and Farbrizzio

Lightning and O'Reilly

Remmy, Walden and Hesse

Africa, Murphy and Sebastian

Taco and Johnny

Toledo and Johnny were being wild


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Stills

Donneur and Lofty

Clayton and Rocky

Elfin and Hemi

Chance and Baby

Trigger, Tony and Leo

Hemi and Thomas


 Silver, Cocomo and George

Griselle, Sparky and Timbit

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Back to the Grind

After having a reprieve from the dental days since spring we are back at it again. Today was our first fall dental appointment. There was a good chance we were going to get wet today however all of the rain went around us and we had perfect weather all day.  Word got out early that something was up as we put halters on at breakfast time on the horses that were having their teeth floated today. When the halters go on the suspicion starts and the gossip flies. 

Romeo and Lotus grazing quietly; the halters were on but nothing was happening . . . yet

Cocomo and Silver watching one of the early "victims"

Cocomo started to go on high alert . . . 

. . . Silver left

Although it was a very long day - I've officially been working for 15 hours as I type this - I have to say the horses were good.  They were good about being caught and good for the dentist. The worst we had to deal with was some power walking in the opposite direction when the horses saw us coming to catch them. Even Jason couldn't find much to complain about aside from the extra long day and that's saying something.  We have a couple more dental days to go and then we can officially be done with teeth floating for the year. I will admit I am anxiously awaiting the last dental day.


Faune was the first patient of the day. Faune is huge, look at the size of his head in relation to the dentist



Walden and Merlin

Lucky and O'Reilly

Tony and Baby

Silky, Calimba and Lily

Maisie always positions herself for pretty morning sunrise pictures

Clayton and Kennedy grooming

Thomas and Trigger


Stormy and Kennedy napping with Oskar grazing; in the background Largo is standing and Clayton is napping next to Donovan

a closer view of Donovan and Clayton