Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Timbit at Work

Since Carter has been seeing me ride lately he has had a renewed enthusiasm for riding Timbit. Timbit's pasture puff status has been ever so slightly endangered by the 15 minutes of "work" he does a couple of days per week. Carter rides him bareback with a halter and practices things like walking, stopping and turning. Then I jog along and we all do a little bit of trotting. We cover a lot of ground at the trot, at least 20 steps. For the grand finale Carter and Timbit go back and forth a couple of times over the world's smallest jump. 

As happens when we do things with Sparky, Timbit tends to attract a lot of attention from the other horses when he's not in his pasture grazing. Carter and Timbit strut their stuff in front of a peanut gallery that at times is impressively large. Timbit, like Sparky, knows he is a rockstar and is not at all surprised to have fans watching him. In fact, I'm sure Timbit regularly tweets about having the biggest audience, and the best audience. That's how Timbit rolls.

Carter, Timbit and I ready to ride

Kate assisting Carter and Timbit over their tiny jump while Cino watched

 George, Gibson and Asterik watching Timbit at work

Sabrina, Sparky and Bonnie were also part of the audience

Romeo and Lotus were fascinated while watching Timbit

Miel and Quigly

Sam and Mick

Maisie and MyLight

Dolly and Lily

Convey and Chance

 Lighty and Happy

Fabrizzio and Alfie

Rocky and Toledo

Gus and Roho

a better look at Roho

Magic, Squirrel and Sushi

a closer look at Magic and Squirrel


Walon napping while Gus and Roho ate hay

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Stills

Charlotte and Renatta

Apollo, Thomas and Hemi

Traveller and MyLight

Cinnamon and Calimba

Sebastian, Taco and Nemo

Trigger and Chance "helping" with the halters

Flyer and Lofty

Cisco and Moe

Norman and Maisie


Ewen and Igor


Havana, Baner, Hesse (almost hidden) and Remmy

Havana and Merlin

Toledo and Rubrico


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Grand Finale

Yesterday we had the grand finale for our dental visits. Since I like to go out with a bang the last two patients of the last day were Timbit and Sparky. I knew Sparky would be good because he's perfect every year for his annual float. Timbit is another story. With Timbit, life is like a box of chocolates and you never know which one you're going to get. We started with the last horses that needed to be floated and then moved on to Timbit.

I am happy to say that we had good Timbit yesterday. Everyone knows how Timbit feels about injections.  Some might remember that last year I clicker trained Timbit using toothpicks to simulate the needle stick of an injection. It worked like a charm and the last two rounds of annual vaccinations have gone well. I click away while Timbit stands for injections. I clicked away yesterday while Timbit had his teeth floated and was a star.

After we floated Timbit we moved on to Sparky. Every year Sparky is the last float of the year. Since Sparky thinks barns are not for donkeys we always float him outside. He is unrestrained except for a twitch. He stands like a rockstar and the dentist floats away.

I'm happy to be done with floating teeth for the year, but I know it won't be long until we start the cycle again in the spring.

the easiest way for the dentist to float Timbit is sitting in a chair

Bonnie watching Timbit have his teeth floated

While we floated the horses and Timbit Sparky wandered around the barn entertaining himself and letting the peanut gallery know they needed to start assembling. That's Silver behind him.

more of the peanut gallery; Renzo, Lofty, Cocomo, Flyer and Gibson

in the opposite pasture Cino and Remmy decided to pull up a chair and watch

Gus watching Sparky

Romeo and Lotus were also watching

Sparky, as always, stood like a champ and was oblivious to his legions of admiring fans staring at him

Miel, Quigly and Sam

Johnny and Happy with Miel behind them

the Breakfast Club; Apollo, Thomas, Homer and Moe


Charlotte and Traveller

Convey and Revy playing


Merlin, Remmy, Cino, Hesse and Baner

Sushi and Squirrel