Sunday, January 21, 2018

Let it Melt

It seems that one of the most interesting thing in my life these days is the weather. When I last posted four days ago we finally had snow on the ground. That one inch (2.5cm) of snow resulted in the schools being closed for four days. Canadian Jason still, after more than a decade in the south, cannot comprehend why an inch of snow leads to the schools having four snow days.

Thankfully the temperatures began a steady rise on Thursday.  After a few days straight of even the high temperature not being above freezing, we made it to 40F (4C). It sadly felt like a heatwave. If I didn't know better I would think I had moved to Canada or something. On Friday the high made it to 52 degrees (11C) and the horses were all thrilled to be out of blankets and wallowing in mud. Mother Nature was even more generous to us over the weekend. Saturday brought us lots of sunshine and a high of 65 (18C). We wrapped the week up today with a glorious 70 degrees (21C). By the afternoon even I was out of my layers and only needed pants and a long sleeved shirt.

As I was riding this afternoon the cold and the snow felt like a distant and very unpleasant memory. It has been nice to listen to the birds singing again after several days of silence. The daffodils seem to have been immune to our atypical cold temperatures and are rapidly growing. It was a relief for things to feel a lot more like spring and a lot less like winter the last couple of days. It makes winter slightly more tolerable, and I don't have the urge to eat every carb within a 5 mile radius of the farm.

Carter and Timbit enjoying an outing on Saturday; it's hard to believe that a couple of days before this picture we were freezing cold and had snow on the ground.

In case you think Timbit has suddenly turned into a saintly thing, this is what he actually does most of the time.

Fabrizzio and Merlin showing us what the farm looked like on Wednesday

Cino and Art (Alfie behind them) on Thursday morning

Igor finally left the heated barn office after three days of self-imposed exile and ventured out into the melting snow

Timbit on Thursday morning

Nemo on Thursday morning

Homer and King playing mid-morning on Thursday; the snow was rapidly melting

Cisco enjoyed a nap in the melting snow

Traveller and Lily were happy to get out of their blankets

Thomas napping, Moe and Hemi eating hay. The snow was melting fast.

Roho and Gus

Renatta, Cinnamon, Dawn and Charlotte

Duesy bothering Merlin and saying, "play with me" . . .

. . . and Merlin played with him

Paramount rolled immediately after his blanket was removed

Quigly and Lighty playing

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Let it Snow

This past Friday you might recall that the schools were closed for no reason at all. I think closing on a forecast is silly myself as so often no winter precipitation materializes. We had another "snowstorm" predicted for Tuesday night and Wednesday with projected accumulations of 1-3 inches (2.5cm-7cm). To Carter's delight the snow actually materialized this time. We came in at the low end of the forecast with about an inch of snow, maybe an inch and a half in the "drifts." In Carter's world the only downside to our snow is that it is very light and powdery. It is impossible to make a snowball, much less a snowman. The snowman dream continues to remain unfulfilled.

This winter snowstorm has so far closed the schools for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm running a betting pool for Friday and bets are split 50/50 between open and closed on Friday. It is supposed to be slightly warmer tomorrow at 40 degrees and sunny, so what's left of our snow should start melting rapidly.

The weekend is bringing us a projected 60 degrees which will feel heavenly after the last couple of weeks. I thought I lived in the south but it certainly hasn't felt that way. I came *this close* to breaking down and buying snow pants since my double layers of Uniqlo heattech long underwear along with jeans, turtleneck, sweatshirt, vest, super heavy coat, wool socks, insulated boots, hat and gloves along with hot hands in my shoes and gloves has not been getting the job done. In case anyone has forgotten, I hate the cold. I despise it, loathe it, detest it. I cannot put on enough layers to get warm.

Jason, on the other hand, has been walking around with his coat unzipped telling me the weather is "invigorating."  I would slap him if  I was only able to move. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately - I must ponder this and decide how I really feel - my Michelin Man layers prevent me from raising my arm and swinging it forward to slap him. My frozen tears of misery and ugly glares will have to suffice instead.

Igor and I are kindred spirits on the weather. He has only emerged from the heated office of the barn once over the last three days, and almost immediately began screaming to be let back in. He has yet to put one paw in the snow and appears to have no plans to interact with the snow. Ewen is hyper in all weather so it is hard to say if he finds this weather invigorating like Jason. Bring on summer, I'm ready.

Igor glaring at the snow, or maybe at the world in general, during his two minute jaunt outside. He sat on the porch of the front barn and looked like this, then screamed until I opened the door and let him back into the heated office. 

I don't know if Ewen finds the snow and cold invigorating or not. He runs around like a maniac in all weather so it is hard to tell.

Cisco and Hemi playing

Lofty and Cocomo giving me the "feed me"stare

Remmy and Baner


Timbit, Sabrina and Sparky

George and Donneur

Gus and Romeo

Lofty, Silver and Cocomo


Lofty and Donneur


Taylor and Alfie

Fabrizzio and Merlin


Digby and Paramount

Mick and Blu

 Quigly and Sebastian

Roho and Squirrel

Thomas, Apollo and Hemi


Roho and Rubrico

Renatta and Dolly



Norman and Dawn


MyLight, Calimba, Traveller and Dolly

Renatta and Cinnamon . . . 

. . . a closer look at Renatta

Chance and Trigger

Rocky and Roho