Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Miracle Update

One of our residents had a birthday yesterday. MyLight celebrated her 20th birthday on Monday! The birthday girl had lovely weather for her celebrations, about 65 and partly sunny. She enjoyed some extra treats, including the always popular Mrs. Pastures cookies. She was hoping she could have 20, one for each year, but we said no!

Happy Birthday MyLight!

For those of you who have continued to ask about Miracle's progress we are happy to report that she is doing well! Lori at Sunkissed Acres said that every now and then Miracle needs a little bit of help getting up, but most of the time she gets up and down on her own. Apparently when she is up she is remembering that being a baby horse is supposed to be fun! She runs, bucks, leaps and spins until she wears herself out and has to go down for awhile. Then she gets up and goes right back to playing. I've seen a short video clip of her trotting and she was a surprisingly cute mover. Her gruesome chest wound continues to heal nicely and she has a wonderful appetite.

The best news about Miracle is we have been APPROVED as her new home!! When she is ready to make the move Miracle will be making her home with us. We are very excited and cannot wait to meet the little princess sometime in the not too distant future! In my excitement I've already ordered her a new leather halter from Quillin's, complete with "MIRACLE" nameplate. I look forward to the day when I get to put it on her cute little head.

Miracle napping in a comfy stall at Sunkissed Acres
What Miracle looked like just 2.5 weeks ago; hours away from death due to extreme starvation and abuse and unable to stand

Dutch and Wiz enjoying an afternoon siesta B-Rad running through the pasture
Darby was running along behind B-Rad
Cinnamon, Sky, Sparky and Norman
Apollo, Ivan and Hemi
Trigger, Homer, Leo and Apollo
Hoffy and Tony


RuckusButt said...

Oh, that's so good to hear! Miracle deserves to live in horse heaven and that is certainly your farm. I can't wait to see her progress and thrive with you guys (assuming and hoping you will give updates!!).

Sylvia said...

Sparky!!!! :)
Happy birthday to my light and a big congrats on your newest (but not yet arrived) little miracle.

Lauren said...

Oh, Melissa!!! That is the greatest news ever!!! We will have to have a big welcome home party for the princess!

Anonymous said...

Your farm and your care are the perfect place for this little girl whose sweet face has stolen our hearts. Little Miracle is going to live happily ever after!

Katie said...

That is super! I'm sure she'll think she's on heaven on Earth at your place. =)

Lori Skoog said...

I can't wait to see photos of Miracle at your place. Hope you get her soon!

Anonymous said...

Great news about Miracle!

And a happy birthday to a beautiful mare!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Congratulations on the adoption of Miracle! I think she'll be very happy with you!

Say, did the goaties get any Mrs. Pasture's cookies in honor of the Birthday? Hee hee hee

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Yay! Wonderful news about Miracle - she's hit the horsey lottery now, and no horse deserves it more! This news made my morning :)

Jill said...

Wow, Miracle won't know what to think when she arrives at Heaven-on-earth! :) What an awesome place for her to be - can't wait to read her updates!


Funder said...

MyLight looks absolutely stunning for a 20 year old. :) And yay for Miracle coming to live with you! When she "graduates" from Sunkissed I will send Lori another little donation in her honor :)

Sandy said...

How exciting about Miracle! I can't wait to continue and watch her progress.

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog ever since finding it thru "Fugly". So happy that Miracle will be coming to your wonderful farm and hoping that you will allow us the priviledge of following her progress as she grows into a beautiful young lady horse.

Anonymous said...


Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

Happy birthday My Light and thank God for wonderful news about Miracle!