Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cyclists and Stock Trailers

Last weekend seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong was in middle Tennessee leading the Harpeth River Ride. The route for this ride goes right past the farm in College Grove each year.

Jason hooked up the stock trailer to go buy another batch of replacement boards. When he returned from his errand I jokingly asked him if he had seen Lance Armstrong. He smiled his Jason smile and said not only did he see him but he almost ran him over with the stock trailer.

I looked at Jason in wide eyed horror. You have to understand that with Jason this could very well be a true story. Jason is one of those people that has bizarre and crazy things happen all the time.

Jason realized I was thinking this might have really happened and quickly explained. He was going around one of the uphill blind curves on the road and a pack of cyclists were coming from the other direction. Apparently one of them didn't realize Jason was coming in the other lane and had swung very wide and was halfway into Jason's lane. There wasn't much Jason could do to avoid the guy given there is no shoulder and he was pulling a 26' stock trailer.

Finally at the last second the cyclist looked up and realized he was cycling right towards Jason and the stock trailer and was way over into Jason's lane. He swerved over and disaster was avoided. (On a side note I have no problem sharing the road with cyclists but I do wish they would all obey the rules of the road like they are supposed to. Why do some of them think they can ride along in the wrong lane and everything will be fine?)

I made the comment to Jason that he had no idea the national headlines that would have followed if the cyclist had been Lance Armstrong and if the collision had not been avoided. Jason and I started laughing and making up possible headlines for what could have happened. "College Grove Farmer Takes Out Cycling Legend with Stock Trailer." "Canadian Transplant Runs Into Lance Armstrong with Stock Trailer." We came up with several more but you get the idea.

Another day of living dangerously in the life of Jason.


Alex, B-Rad and Darby making their way through the pasture in single file

Silky on the move

Winston and Faune trotting through the pasture

This picture makes me ask why? Why stand there and pick at overgrazed grass around the gate when you could just walk 30 feet and graze on the good stuff. I don't get it. Chimano, Fonzi, Gus, Silver, George

Cuffie taking an afternoon nap

Missy and MyLight

Kennedy napping

Chimano and Gus

Toledo and Rocky

Maisie and Lily


Non-Stop Mom said...

Oh good God....why am I not surprised????

Jason, Jason, Jason.....*shaking head*

Lauren said...

When I was icing and hand grazing Ari everyday, he spent 30 minutes picking at a dirt patch one day. I would drag him over to a patch of clover and he would drag me back to the ditch patch. I went to bring him back to the gate to unwrap his leg and he dragged me back to the dirt patch. Okaaaaaay...

Funder said...

I knew Jason was a plant, sent down by the Canadian Cycling Association... he's shifty-eyed!

Love the snoozing greys in this post :)