Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Worst Job Continues

I have much I could write (er, complain) about but I am too tired. The Worst Job Ever is not completed yet and it has pretty much worn us out. One more day and it should be done. I can't wait. I will never complain about cleaning the cow trough again, I shall do it with a big smile on my face. I will relish every minute spent nailing up thousands of insulators and think about how lucky I am to be doing that job. I will complain to the bitter end about removing triple layered old wire fencing. This promise will be ridiculously easy to keep!

Some days it feels like we are trying to herd cats. We call and call asking them to come get fed and they completely ignore us. Jason rounding up Wiz, Renny, Murphy and Dutch for breakfast.

Then he herded in Clay, Chili and Fuzzy

Hanging out with Sam after breakfast. Sam likes Jason

Then he spent some quality time with Dutch

Cuffie peeking out from his new run-in shed

B-Rad, Alex and Darby

one of the groups of wild turkeys that we see all the time; Jason tells me they mean me no harm but they are just SO creepy looking

Thor, Snappy, Silky, Spike, O'Reilly and Lucky

Silver, Romeo, Faune, Fonzi, Asterik and George

Gus and Chimano

Moe, Ivan and Apollo


Bif said...

You need a Japanese quarter horse, makes herding much easier. The Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, are all great lines. The Honda-breds are best...

I'm kidding. Sort of.

Sure the sound detracts from the perfect serenity of your Tennessee mornings, but buzzing along with all the feedbags on the back if the boogers are WAAAAY out there has a certain appeal, n'est-pas?

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

We actually have the Kubota line of Japanese quarter horse, the RTV 900. Unfortunately when they are deep in the woods we have to "hoof it!" I think they do it to us just for the entertainment value.

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

I'm glad the worst job is almost done! I forgot to add after the last post that I too have often asked why I graduated college Magna cum Laude and got an MBA as well. This was particularly vexing when we lived in Va. and I was painting behind the toilet in a defunct fried chicken joint. My mother is still stumped as to how I got into horses!