Sunday, February 12, 2012

Playful Horses

We are currently being subjected to a few days of cold weather, something we've managed to mostly avoid this winter. This came complete with a few snow flurries on Saturday. Thankfully this weather is supposed to leave and go make someone else unhappy after another day of hanging around with us.

Unsurprisingly the horses have enjoyed the cool air and have been quite frisky. We have not lacked for opportunities to watch playful horses and even managed to take pictures of a few of them. Enjoy!


Trigger and Leo were having a great time; I was trying to put Leo's blanket on but he obviously had more pressing things that required his attention.

Faune and Silver were playing the face game

Noble and Fabrizzio were playing the face game as well

Fabrizzio stopped after a few minutes so Noble started nipping his front leg . . .

. . . and then his hind leg

Then he just started making funny faces; that got Fabrizzio's attention. His expression says "what in the world are you doing??"


Anonymous said...

The last photo is PRICELESS! What a bunch of clowns :)

RuckusButt said...

I would have laughed harder if there was a disclaimer that no blankets were harmed during the filming of these play sessions ;-) Worrying about playful gelding ripping blankets occupies a non-trival part of my time!

Great shots!

Stevie said...

Cold weather snaps mean the Great Pyrenees and the Shetland pony will spend the day romping in their pasture while everyone else hides in the barn. It's their time to shine!
Stevie @