Thursday, October 4, 2012

101 Uses for Baling Twine

As I went to grab a piece of baling twine the other day to do a quick repair - on my shoelace - I started thinking about the unlimited uses for baling twine.  Off the top of my head I can think of many times I have used baling twine for quick fix.  I've used it to stand in for a broken blanket strap countless times.  I've used it to temporarily repair a fence board.  One time at a show when I forgot some of my stall set-up stuff I used baling twine to hang the buckets.  I've used it to tie stuff down in the bed of the truck. We've used it in the garden to tie plants to stakes.  I use it every year to tie up all of the winter blankets and sheets into neat stacks for storage.  I tied a gate shut with it once when the chain broke.  

If you want to be able to MacGyver your way out of almost any situation if you have baling twine, duct tape and a pocket knife you can probably solve just about any problem.  Given that the uses for baling twine are so unlimited I do wonder why we are still overrun with the stuff!  I swear I think it breeds and reproduces. 

Pondering the many uses for baling twine is just one example of the random things that I sometimes think about on any given day.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who immediately thinks of baling twine when I have to do an unexpected repair of some sort!


Lotus, Asterik and George

Elfin, Trigger and Tony

Lucky and Thor

Fuzzy and Renny

Wiz and Johnny

Trigger and Leo

Toledo and Rocky

fog grazing; Renny is in the front

 Faune and Winston

Wiz and Sebastian

Silver and Zeus on the run

Zeus thought it was so much fun he took another lap by himself


Anonymous said...

I've used it before to open other bales of hay when I'd forgotten my keychain knife! :) It is awesome stuff!


Wendy said...

Like many others, I tie my horse to the trailer with it all the time. Much cheaper than a breakaway halter!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I have a strand on my tractor coming out from under the hood, that bypasses my messed up ignition - a manual cut-off switch. It's orange to match the Kubota of course! ;D