Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fiscal Cliff

Like everyone else I am tired of hearing about our impending fiscal cliff. I am also sick to death of listening to all of our politicians, from the President all the way through every member of Congress, pointing fingers at each other and claiming the sequester is the other guy's fault. Personally I think we need some term limits for Congress and no special healthcare and retirement plans for them either.  Sorry guys, you gotta live under the laws you pass just like the rest of us. 

What does this have to do with horses?  I told Jason a few weeks ago that after hearing the term fiscal cliff for the billionth time it struck me that Fiscal Cliff was the perfect name for a horse. My dad always said buying me my first pony was the worst financial decision of his life. I am sure I am the typical horse person that decides not to download a song from iTunes for $0.99 because I don't need to spend the money, yet I thought nothing of buying a couple of new pairs of breeches and new half chaps recently. I would never spend $150-$200 every six weeks on shoes for myself but will do that for the horse.  There is no logic in any of this.  Yep, Fiscal Cliff is an extremely appropriate name.

In that spirit I had to share this picture that has been floating around on Facebook. Pardon the bad language but it is SO perfect:


Faune and Silver having an early morning play session

Romeo, Asterik and Lotus trotting across the pasture . . . 

.... they caught up with Winston, Silver, George and Gus (you can see Gus' ears at the very back!)...

... then they all fell into single file

Norman and Cuff Links were having a grooming session

Darby and Alex

Miracle, Sparky, Sky and Griselle


Toledo, Largo and Bergie hanging out after a rainy night

Oskar was happy it rained, he clearly found the perfect place to roll and get himself thoroughly coated in mud

Wiz and Sam napping in the shed


RuckusButt said...

I had so many things to say and they all went out of my mind when I saw the last pic - omg, horses in the shed alert!

I laughed so much reading this post that my husband asked me what was so funny. So I read it to him. He thought it was "hilarious" too, and suggested a few other horse names in the same spirit. He also pointed out that I've been desperately trying to save a pair of good winter boots that our cat peed on (only a little! lol) but would think nothing of dropping $300 on Armani if he needed, or I really wanted, something. To which I say, yes, I've got my priorities straight!

Lotus looks a lot like my Armani! Mani has more white and isn't quite as round (but still pretty round *sigh*)but from these pics at least, the similarity is uncanny.

EvenSong said...

Oskar: "And proud of it!"

Miracle! Yeah!

Jenny said...

That cartoon was perfect! When i was little a woman at the stable i went to for lessons had a horse named "Paycheck". I didn't get it until i got older. LOL
I have a friend now that calls her hens "Overhead" when they don't lay eggs.

allhorsestuff said...

This was oh so perfect...made me laugh and cry(almost),
Tis so true!A good name.
As I am trying to recall the tack,clothing and product orders I made just last week, for me and my horsey's needs!

Lori Skoog said...

I'm with you. We could start saving money by cleaning up a few things in Washington...will it ever happen? Love the name for your horse. A friend called hers "My Mercedes."