Thursday, June 20, 2013

Laugh or Cry

Jason and I seem to be dealing with an endless list of broken things - tractors, equipment, vehicles, horses - you name it and we have a broken version of it right now. It feels like things have been reaching the point of do we laugh or do we cry lately. I knew we had reached critical mass when Jason was swinging away at the lawn mower with a sledgehammer. I wasn't sure if he was laughing, crying or if he had finally just lost it.  Nor was I about to ask as he swung away. As it turns out the sledgehammer worked, Jason actually was using it on the lawn mower for reasons other than expressing his frustration (who knew??), and he was able to use this precision instrument to finally get the mowing deck unattached so he could attempt to repair it.  

In the spirit of choosing to laugh, below are a few pictures that have made me laugh recently.


I guess this means I am responsible for more than my share of dearly departed kittens.

I'm pretty sure this is what any spectator would assume the letters were as they watched me make my way around a dressage arena.  

Definitely been there done that

Seriously, who needs a gym? Just let us put you to work for awhile. It was especially entertaining watching Jason swing a sledgehammer at the lawn mower, and it was quite a workout for him as well!! I should have gotten a picture of that . . . 

Who doesn't find the grumpy cat funny?



Fabrizzio, Snappy and Lightening

Thor, Noble and Merlin

Donovan, Tiny and Johnny

Faune, Silver, Donneur and Lofty

Dutch, Renny and Wiz

Cinnamon, MyLight and Maisie

Cuff Links and Norman


RuckusButt said...

Oh, when it rains, it pours! On the plus side, you must be running out of things that can break by now? *touch wood*

Great photos for this post!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

No one needs to hear the inner (or outer) monologue when one is tempted to "swing the sledgehammer" at farm equipment...

It's time to stack hay here this weekend... :( There need to be specialized undergarments for female hay stackers... just sayin'.

Love all the pics in this post. Hope your weekend goes smoothly!

foffmom said...

My Mom always said "You might as well laugh rather than cry." The older I get the more sense it makes.
I was jealous when I thought your husband was acting out the frustration we all feel from time to time. I have always wanted to smash our weedeater into the concrete. That would teach it not to start!

lytha said...

i love the direct deposit one, i sent it directly to my vet just now via email. he had said that often ppl don't pay their bills, that they sold the horse and just don't care anymore. i told him he's affordable and i trust him. he saved baasha's life under that bridge and i want him as my vet as long as i'm here.