Thursday, August 29, 2013


Kids are really resilient creatures. Three days after scaring his parents to death Carter seems fully recovered. His appetite and energy level are high as are his spirits. He spent much of today in high energy play with his best friend with frequent breaks so somebody could check his temperature.

Things on the farm continue as normal with the exception of Melissa and I being under the weather. It would be safe to say the stress we experienced has taken it's toll. In addition to lack of sleep we both came down with some sort of stomach virus last night. Ironically, the only one who isn't sick at our house today is Carter. He is talking to himself while "reading" a book as I write this.

We will be back to regular pictures and blogging on Sunday evening. Hope everyone has lots of fun stuff planned for this Labour Day weekend. 


KarenTX said...

So glad Carter is back to his cute self! You and Melissa had a very stressful experience so no wonder it affected you. Hope both of you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...



Funder said...

Glad Carter's better, but sorry to hear yall are down!