Thursday, January 22, 2015

30 Days

After enjoying what can only be described as truly perfect January weather the last few days things are about to change. After several days in a row in the mid to high 60's (20C) we wiped the smiles off the horses' faces today when we put sheets and blankets back on. Tomorrow evening is even bringing with it the possibility of a little bit of snow. This time the snow has at least been mentioned several times and middle Tennesseans are having a more normal response to the possibility of frozen precipitation. 

As I was putting on blanket after blanket today I snapped at Jason several times. I will admit that chasing down runners and stuffing them into blankets was starting to make me a bit testy. After taking my frustration out on Jason for at least the nineteenth time I made an announcement. I told him I wasn't going to complain for 30 days and I wasn't going to subject him to my unparalleled snark and sarcasm. Since I had already put my foot in my mouth I decided to make sure I shoved it down my throat and followed this up by saying every time I did I was going to write it down. I've read a few articles about this and I guess they made enough of an impression on me that I made a spontaneous promise that I am now obliged to keep.

What the heck was I thinking

What idiot came up with this concept of not complaining anyway

This really sucks

What on earth made me commit to something that I don't have a snowball's chance of achieving  

Needless to say you can see that I'm struggling. A lot. I am looking forward to seeing if I am able to achieve some personal growth over the next 30 days since it is overwhelmingly obvious to me that this is an area where I could use some serious improvement. Since I don't carry around a pen and paper I sat down to start my "complaint" journal once I was in the house this evening. After realizing I was going to be on probably page six of my notebook if I kept everything single spaced, I settled on one entry in my no complaining/snarking/sarcasm journal for the day:  I desperately need to learn how to keep my mouth shut.

Given that it is supposed to be 40 degrees and raining all day tomorrow, I have about 27 loads of laundry to do and I'm also in the middle of 30 days of not eating any sugar or artificial sweeteners at all . . let's just say I'm expecting to have some lengthy entries into the no complaining/snarking/sarcasm journal tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Flyer waiting for breakfast

Johnny and Lighty were having some fun while waiting for breakfast

Walden and Fabrizzio

B-Rad and Alex

Donovan and Johnny

Thomas, Moe and Homer

a nice sunrise



Kennedy having a good roll with Clayton watching

Stormy and Walon


An American in Tokyo said...

Lovely photos as always!

Are you sure you want to do TWO challenges at the same time? Maybe you were cranky from not having your sugar? I get like that sometimes (I am trying to give up refined sugars).

Hang in there!

BroomJockey said...

I can honestly say that I wouldn't do the sugar thing and the positive thinking thing in the same 30 days!!! LOL!! Just sayin'!! The lack of sugar alone would make me snarky! I was told to put a rubber band on my wrist and every time I said something negative, pick up the rubber band and give it a snap. After the 7th or 8th rubber band, I decided it was in my wrist's best interest to try something else. If I ever find out what works, I'll share it. I have found that taking lots of cleansing breaths before speaking and kissing whatever soft muzzle happens to be standing near me to be the best catalyst against negative energy. And then I go into the hay barn and pitch bales of hay around while swearing like a sailor. I figure if no one can hear me, then I'm not hurting anyone. I hope you have great luck with your endeavors!!

foffmom said...

Yeah, I thought it was going to funny until you got to the No sugar, No artificial sweetner part. Jeez, you are making it hard on yourself. The only thing worse for me would be to give up my morning coffee! Good Luck!

Jenny said...

WHAT? No sugar and no complaining? You may as well give up caffeine too. LOL Your stronger than i am for sure.