Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Three Legs

I feel like I am seeing too many animals walking around holding up a leg lately.

Most of you will recall we had some adventures with Oscar about three weeks ago. Oscar is our stray cat that we have been feeding for two years. Oscar is feral, wishes to remain feral, and has no interest in cultivating a relationship with us. He only wants us to feed him . . . canned food and table scraps only please. 

When we noticed that Oscar was only using three legs we got lucky and managed to trap him. He went to the vet and had the works. He got long acting antibiotics and steroids for the puncture wounds on his leg. He was vaccinated. And of course he was "tutored." Oscar was not a willing participant in any of this and in fact had to be gassed in the live trap at the vet's office in order to be safely handled. 

Once we brought Oscar home I thought we might never see him again. I feared I was right for awhile. However about five days ago he started coming around again, and he has come every night since. Of course this made me very happy. 

Unfortunately we noticed last night that Oscar was holding up the same front leg again, and he was doing so again tonight. Since he is more skittish of us than ever I am 10000% positive that we have zero chance of trapping him again. I've already mentioned to Jason that maybe we should try setting the live trap again. He has already said the only thing we're likely to trap in it is an opossum. I know he is right and that realistically we've done what we can for Oscar. 

In what feels like a parade of three legged critters I watched a skunk slowly make its way across our driveway on three legs yesterday. In fact he was holding up his left front leg just like Oscar. I waited patiently - and from a great distance - for the skunk to make his way across the driveway and into the woods. Then I hustled to the house and sent Jason off in search of the poor little guy with a rifle so he could shoot it. Unfortunately since the injured skunk was heading right into the woods when I saw him Jason was unable to find him. For anyone who is wondering I am no fan of skunks (although I do think they are kind of cute), but I am even less a fan of injured animals suffering.

Jason deserves lots of kudos. He is constantly getting volunteered to help me deal with things like feral cats and three legged skunks. I am absolutely positive that the last thing he was hoping to do yesterday was traipse around in the woods with a rifle looking for an injured skunk. However he is smart enough to realize that dealing with feral cats and skunks is far more pleasant than dealing with an unhappy Melissa. Sadly he knows that potentially taking a direct hit from a skunk is less troublesome than dealing with an unhappy wife. He is definitely right about that!


waiting for breakfast; Apollo, Ritchie, Levendi, Rip, Moe, Thomas and Hemi

Asterik looking exceptionally cute

Calimba and MyLight


Kennedy, Walon and Rubrico

Tony and Baby

Lily and Maisie

Dutch, Renny and Murphy

Cocomo and Flyer


Asterik, Faune, Donneur and Lofty


EvenSong said...

Poor Oscar! Maybe just another round of antibiotics, in his food?
I know what you mean about trying to trap him again. Our feral Sarge, went missing for a month or so, when he had his "brain surgery." But it was early winter, and he decided he liked the shelter of the barn, and regular feelings. One idea, if you do decide to try to trap him again: the group. That loaned us the trap, and provides the low cost neutering service, suggests fresh, greasy KFC as bait... I know that aroma would draw me in. 😀

Anonymous said...



Dar said...

I enjoy your blog so very much and especially your writing style. Another animal lover here and have also had my share of feral cats. The KFC is awesome for trapping. For trap shy (smart) cats, leave the trap out with the door secured in the open position with a plastic cable tie and put their food near door then a little further inside, then use KFC with the trap set. I line the bottom of the trap with newspaper and ground leaves so they can't feel the wire underfoot. Best of luck to Oscar and you!