Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Stills

Clayton and Kennedy

Largo and River thought I was interesting . . .  

 . . . but only briefly 


Hemi and Thomas

Toledo and Walon

Oskar and Donovan

Traveller and Lily

Dolly, Cinnamon, Calimba and MyLight

Rip, Elfin, Grand and Ritchie

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foffmom said...

Early one morning I was feeding. It was darkish. I was in the small hay barn, and saw this naked tail attached to a cat-sized white rump backing out of a hole in the haystack. My brain said "That is the biggest rat I have ever seen!". I screamed of course. The possum was not impressed.
Raccoons are horrid. Skunks not much better, and much more likely to carry rabies here than raccoons.
Play with horses all day, right.