Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Faces

In the last three months we have said too many goodbyes. We take comfort in the fact that all of the residents we lost were in their 30's with the exception of Stormy who was about to turn 26. It is nice to know that they had such long, healthy lives.  We hope we are done with goodbyes for a long while, but sadly you never know when it will happen again. 

On a happier note we have welcomed some new faces to Paradigm Farms. Any horse person loves welcoming a new horse into their lives, and it is always fun to see what walks off the trailer. Some of our new residents have been here several weeks, some have only been here a few days. We have some lovely new faces waiting to greet us each morning. We have introduced a couple of our new faces to you already, but I thought I would let you meet all of them, some of them a second time, in this post.


This stunning mare is Wendolynn. She retired from a dressage career.

As he always does, Timbit introduced himself to the new resident

Wendolynn and MyLight


This big guy is Roho (Spanish for red). He retired from a career in 3-day eventing.

When we start introducing new horses into their family groups we set up temporary paddocks using electric tape in their future pasture. This is Roho meeting Oskar in his temporary paddock.

Oskar, Donovan and Roho having a meet and greet.

Toledo, Johnny and Roho


This adorable face belongs to Baner (pronounced like Bonner with a short A). Baner retired from a career in dressage.

Timbit never misses an opportunity to introduce himself

Baner and Carter hanging out

Roho and Baner having fun


This handsome gelding is Gus. I love how he was trying to strike a pose, yet messed up the regal look by flipping his upper lip. Gus retired from a career in dressage.

Gus meeting Johnny and Toledo in his temporary paddock

Gus and Walon

Gus grazing with friends Donovan and Rubrico


Last, but certainly not least, this is Happy. Happy retired from a career as a show jumper. Happy lives up to his name in every way.

In an all too common theme around here, Timbit made sure he and Happy were well acquainted.

Happy and Mick grooming

Happy, front right, enjoying a gallop through the pasture


Karol Ayne said...

I love Happy ' s face!! His expression reminds me so much of my old guy!! ♡♡♡

Lori Skoog said...

You sure keep all of these horses in beautiful condition! Gorgeous!

RuckusButt said...

Thank you for the introduction to your lovely new additions. All gorgeous, very lucky horses. Carter is getting so big! Another fortunate soul to have you guys as his parents (almost as lucky as you are to have him? xo).

Vivian Vetere said...

Nice to see all the new faces!

An American in Tokyo said...

Lovely! Glad to see the new faces! =)