Thursday, November 17, 2016


A few weeks ago I decided we were long overdue to get some updated family pictures. I found a great photographer, kinda/sorta coordinated our clothes (hey, we all had on jeans and some shade of green), and got us all ready. Getting Jason and Carter clean and ready at the same time is like herding cats so I really felt like I was killing it as we started our pictures. 

Everything was going well, we had taken a few pictures in various locations, and I felt confident we had all managed to have real smiles and look at the camera at the same time at least once or twice. We were wrapping things up when Timbit went strolling by, taking in the activities. Our photographer saw him and just knew he would be the perfect addition to our family pictures. Jason looked like he was going to have a heart attack, I was trying to think of a way to politely pass on this idea, and Carter lit up like a Christmas tree, very pleased with this suggestion. Like any parent I like to see my child happy, so Timbit was brought out of the pasture and included in the family photos. Ewen was too busy chasing birds to be bothered with pictures.

I think Timbit's slogan in life is "everywhere you don't want me to be," be it leaving his pasture to go to a different one or inserting himself into the family photo album. Timbit has a way of appearing out of nowhere and making things about him. I guess it is all part of his "charm." 


My expression is something like "I'm smiling but I can't believe I find myself trying to be happy about this." Jason's expression is more direct, I love how his mouth is basically a straight line in a very forced, not well faked smile; "I'm not even really trying to smile because I can't right now."  On the other hand Carter and Timbit look perfectly happy with the situation.

Calimba and Dolly


Apollo, Grand and Moe

Thomas and Homer

Cisco and Levendi


Charlotte and Cuffie

Donneur and Lofty


Johnny was really enjoying his hay

Gus, River and Rubrico


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Such cute pictures!!! Carter and Timbit do look happier than you and Jason lol. Looking forward to your annual Christmas decorating post :D

Lori Skoog said...

I love your family photos and can see why the photographer thought Timbit was a great addition! Beautiful shots!

lytha said...

Great photos, I like the one of Carter with Timbit grazing.

Across the street lives a tiny black pony named Sheila and she's just like Timbit - she does whatever she wants. She slips under any fence and joins any herd, and lately she's decided that the grass is greener so she chooses the hay field between our properties. The first time, the neighbor tried to catch her (with no bucket? HA) and the pony galloped gleefully the entire 200 meters as the big horses looked on. My horse was very concerned. Then the boarders tried to catch him. Then they tried bringing in the other horses to see if she'd follow. Nothing worked, so they gave up. Later she came home on her own. Then the next day, and the next day, and then everyone just gave up and now she gets to live either in our out of her property! Even my horse has relaxed about it. But sometimes she comes quite close to our house. Sometimes it's good to be small.

Oh, and last week I saw Sheila "round penning" a new horse. Moving it here and there, back and forth, until the horse followed the pony, "joined up." Weird.

KarenTX said...

Awesome family photos!

RiderWriter said...

I absolutely love these photos and I agree, Timbit was a wonderful addition! What a chubby little rascal, just like a Shetland is supposed to be. ;)

RuckusButt said...

Aw, Carter has grown so much! And hey, at least Timbit's leadrope was green ;) Beautiful photos. It isn't "perfect" that makes great memories anyhow.