Thursday, October 12, 2017

(Not) Winning at Life

Jason and I have not been winning at life lately, and I am currently winning our race to the bottom. A few days ago we were stocking up at Costco. Several aisles of Christmas decorations were prominently on display. I'm with all of you saying we shouldn't have Christmas decorations yet, but regardless they were there and Carter wanted to look at them. Carter and I went to look at Christmas decorations while Jason and our cart went to a different part of the store. 

Carter and I studied all of the Christmas decorations and I seriously considered buying a lighted deer family for our front yard. I know it sounds tacky but in person I actually liked them. I decided to pass on the deer since they box would have no chance of fitting in our car. At that point Carter and I found Jason and our cart and we continued with our shopping. We were in the produce section getting ready to put a couple of packages of blueberries in our cart when Jason freaked out. 

Jason:  What the heck? What is this? What is going on?

Me:  completely clueless as I watched Jason have a meltdown in Costco

Jason:  This is not our stuff! This is not our stuff!

Me:  I looked at our cart and recognized nothing. "Jason, where did you get this cart?"

Jason:  I don't know. I thought I was pushing our cart around but I'm not. 

Me:  Where did you get distracted? Where is *our* cart?

Jason:  I have no idea, but this isn't our cart. 

Me:  Jason, we all see this is not our cart? Where do you think you started pushing the wrong cart?

Jason:  I have no idea.

After that exchange Jason left somebody else's cart out in one of the main aisles hoping they would see it. Then we went and got a new cart and started over. I felt very badly for the person who had turned their back to look at something then turned around to realize their cart was gone. 

Apparently I felt the need to outdo Jason's lack of situational awareness. I loaded my horse on the trailer and drove to a friend's farm to go trail riding. As I was turning into her driveway and felt the drop on the left and then heard the thud, I remembered she had told me to be careful of the steep drop off on one side. So of course that was the side of the driveway I was on. 

The gooseneck of my trailer briefly hit the left side of the truck on the bed. Our truck is now sporting a nice lowered area on the top left side of the bed. The truck is otherwise perfectly fine, but the cosmetic effect is quite ugly. Jason took the truck to the body shop today to get an estimate on repairing the bed. It will go in next week and come out with an undented bed for $1600.  I have been driving a truck and trailer since I was 16 and have never had an incident of my doing ever, until yesterday.

Sometimes you're the windshield, yesterday one part of the truck bed definitely looked like the bug. Oops. Hopefully one of us will manage to do something brilliant in the near future to make up for for our absent-minded professor moves of the last few days. 


Gus and Sushi running through the rain . . . 

. . . Gus, Sushi and Squirrel




We had some egrets visit us on Tuesday. We see some a few time a year. Silver is surrounded by our visitors.

Gibson being followed by the egrets; any time we've seen egrets they are always following Gibson around

a closer look at some of our visitors

Flyer and Gibson; if you look very closely you can see the egrets all perched on the fence behind them . . . 

. . . I zoomed in for a better picture

Johnny and Happy

Lighty and Miel

George and Asterik were very  happy they had something other than dirt to roll in

more of the grey horse club looking a little brown; Asterik, Silver and Gus


Cino and Fabrizzio grooming

Baby and Revy


foffmom said...

Egrets are so much prettier than vultures, which are what we have hanging around all the time. Really neat to see them.

Cate O'Toole said...

Love the 3 shots of the greys in the woods - they look like Disney princesses.

RuckusButt said...

I feel your pain with the truck/trailer incident. My new-ish suv has been a curse since almost day one. I’ve never damaged a vehicle before, but this thing has had a lot of scrapes, mostly through no fault of my own, but one “duh” moment when I left the Barn and took too sharp a turn around the metal gate at the end of the driveway. Ugh.

I love the pictures of the horses in the woods. That’s where my Armani would be, I bet. He is such a woodland horse - every time we hack around the property he wants to go into the woods. I let him sometimes but there are no proper trails yet, so we don’t get too far. I don’t know why he loves it so much, but he does and I can’t help but humour him, even though it’s awkward for me. Next year, we should have some trails through the woods, so he’ll be happy about that!

SmartAlex said...

I wonder if the dent in you truck bed could be pounded out. If, that is, you can find the pounder-outer-guy. I had a dent in my car door. Estimate from the body shop- $600+. Pounder-outer-guy $100 This guy drives around to body shops and car dealerships coaxing dents out and buffing them over. Watching his techniques was truly fascinating. You can also find some examples on YouTube. Luckily, my body shop guy was also my neighbor and friend so he let me in on the trade secret and gave me the phone number.