Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Continued Improvement

Mina, one of the World's Cutest Fainting Goats, continues to improve after her incredibly close brush with death on New Year's Day. We're now three vet visits into this (the bills . . . ) along with some medication changes, however the trend continues in the right direction.

Mina is now so used to her twice a day medicating, both with oral and injectable medications, that she no longer bothers to run away when she sees us coming. We still get the unhappy faces and she lets us know every way she can that the oral meds taste disgusting, but she has been remarkably easy to medicate.  Hopefully today's change in medication gets Mina over the final hump and she can put her near death episode behind her.

Mina saying, "I'm not doing anything. Nothing to see here. Really." Mina continues to improve; her appetite is excellent and she is happy to sneak food from feedbags

Miss Lyle feeling frisky

Jo grinning

King and Moe

Gibson and Renzo

Elfin and Homer

George and Asterik both had goofy, happy expressions after they had their blankets removed. The white bodies with brown faces, necks and legs is quite the fashion statement

Walon immediately celebrated his blanket coming off with a roll in the mud

Cuffie also headed straight to the mud upon blanket removal

Chance and Convey

Timbit, Sabrina and Sparky

Moe, Levendi and Homer

Cisco and Baby


Maisie and Charlotte

chestnut club picture; Magic, Ripley and Walon

Miel and Happy playing

Quigly and Miel

Remmy and Cino playing

Apollo and Thomas

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