Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mission: Possible and a Busy Weekend

There's probably no one around to read this post thanks to the long holiday weekend but I'm writing it anyway. There are no such things as holiday weekends when you run a farm so we are business as usual. My mom asked what Jason and I were going to be doing for Labor Day. My response was "laboring." I say that in good humor, not in complaint.

My Mission: Impossible task ended up being accomplished. It was a two day ordeal but well worth it. I will admit that I really like it when my surroundings are very clean and neat. I don't particularly like cleaning but I do like the results. Jason will readily admit he is the opposite. He never cleans, clutter doesn't bother him, and he is the ultimate pack rat. It is a rare occasion when Jason throws something away. I began my task of cleaning, de-cluttering, and straightening the barn one day and finished it the next. The only item on my barn cleaning and purging list that isn't crossed off yet is the office. I'll do that this week. The office isn't bad as I did a thorough clean and purge in there fairly recently anyway.

This was swept out of the hay loft; I think I might still have hay particles in my lungs!

The hay loft is now completely swept out and the sweepings have been deposited in the compost pile. My tack room, the grooming area, the "work area" at the base of the steps to the hay loft that is the perpetual collection of junk from Jason and my dad, and she shelves in the wash stall have all been thoroughly de-cluttered and cleaned. Even my tack trunks were washed and are shiny again and the walls of the tack room were wiped down with a sponge. An entire pick-up truck load of garbage was hauled away when I was done! I finished things off by de-cobwebbing all of the stalls, something that has to be done regularly at this time of year. I was so disgusting by the time this was done Amy pointed out that my hair was a different shade because of all the dust in it. When I touched my clothes little poofs of dust came off of me like I had just rolled in the dirt with the horses. Gross - but so worth the final results!!

I took this into the sun so the picture didn't come out at all. If you look hard you can see that the aisle of the barn just kept looking worse and worse as everything was drug out of the various areas to be sorted through and organized.

As soon as I walk in the barn and see all of the open space and how clean everything is I immediately feel a sense of peace and calm. I asked Jason if it had the same effect on him and he said no. I wish I could muster up the energy to clean out and re-organize my house, then I would be totally blissed out!

Jason has also been very busy the last few days. It is already time for yet another round of bush hogging. Didn't he just finish mowing the entire farm? It certainly seems like it, and I am sure he would whole heartedly agree. I can't remember if this is round three or four. He has gotten the biggest field done, the big boys 40 acre field, along with two others. He plans to put a few more hours in on the tractor tomorrow in celebration of Labor Day, and at that point he'll be more than 2/3 done with this round of mowing. Cuffie has kind of become one of our benchmarks for when it is time to mow. When it gets to the point that I can't see his head at all if he is grazing in the tall grass it is time to mow again.

Jason mowing the fields yet again

Heading in at the end of a long day of mowing

We've also spent the last couple of days introducing B-Rad to his new roomies. He is out with his "brother" Trillion and that gang. I predicted that B-Rad would buddy up with Asterik and wow was I right. I told Jason that B-Rad and Asterik are like two people newly in love who can't keep their hands off each other and put on blatant displays of public affection. In fact I would go so far as to say it is almost like they are sharing one brain between them. They are constantly grooming each other and I've yet to see them more than a a few feet away from each other. I'm sure there total infatuation will probably cool off some but they are BFF right now. B-Rad seems blissfully happy to be out with friends. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!

B-Rad and Asterik
Asterik and B-Rad again

Buffy, MyLight and Harmony

A small part of our visiting flock of geese hanging out by the pond
Trillion had a spa day, a bath and then grooming
Missy, MyLight using Buffy as her personal head rest, Harmony and Cuffie
Homer (in front) was heading somewhere in a hurry; Baby is behind him
Harmony and Cuffie

Although Lily looks cooperative here she was not. happy. about having a bath!

Ivan and Apollo enjoy a meal together

Dustin, Tony and Baby decided they wanted to be in a "chestnuts with white" picture
Then Leo decided he should of course be included in the chestnuts with white picture (Leo is on the far right; Baby, Dustin, Tony, Leo.


lytha said...

holiday? what holiday? hehehe

speaking of open space and peace, i have this total fear of being a pack rat and having clutter. i want lots of open space in my tiny little house, so we have shelves with absolutely nothing on them, and a corner of our living room that has nothing in it.

my man mentioned it the other day, how "unfinished" it looks, and i immediately went to stand in the corner and posed. i said, "see, it's not an empty space!"

we have absolutely nothing on our walls yet, and i agree, that is odd looking, but i plan on having a big panorama of my hometown Seattle on the wall, and a similar one of my man's hometown, Wuppertal.

but to be honest, just plain white walls that i painted is calming to me.

ah, openness and peace. i agree.


Anonymous said...

I like lack of clutter but I don't much like the work required to get there.

Lily HATES bathes, although she'll put up with if (only) if you insist. If must come from being a gray horse!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Oh I'm're right there is not a holiday for horse owners....matter of fact, we rarely go anywhere now. Still rock picking (couldn't find one for sale anywhere but still looking) and we're almost done. Tony mowed off the big pasture yesterday and spread the manure. We put new mats in Glory's stall too, boy that was disgusting and a huge job. Usually we clean/disinfect them two times a year but hers had thicker mats so we let it go too long....they were tearing and when she rolled around, I was finding tail hairs....nice huh...well now I think I could make her own fake tail extension! Luckily she does have a pretty thick tail to begin with. I'm sure you feel much better getting everything cleaned up. I once got a compliment saying that our barn was the cleanest and non smelly barn they've ever been people..gotta love em. Don't work too hard today! Kind of gloomy and dark here....more rocks.

ZionFarm said...

Reading this just reminded me about the status of our tack room right now. It is in huge need of being cleaned out! I too am a neat freak and my husband is the epitome of "pack rat". :)

raphycassens said...

We are spending labor day laboring as well - BIG house clean-up! Kisses to Cuffie and all of the others...