Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Bear and the Big Boys Play

We had more gorgeous weather this weekend, with our streak of 70's and sunshine continuing. We are getting really spoiled with the weather the last few weeks. It was a great weekend for being outside and everyone on the farm, people and animals, were smiling.

Today (Sunday) was Bear's 10th birthday. He certainly doesn't act any differently than he did when he was two! Bear celebrated his birthday in style. He had some pieces of ham and steak for his birthday dinner and of course followed that up with a piece of cake. I must add it was a tiny piece of cake as Jason was very opposed to him having any at all. What a party pooper.

Bear didn't need to make a wish because he gets everything he wants anyway! Well, he was trying to eat the cake while Jason held him back so maybe he doesn't get everything he wants.

Bear eating his token piece of cake while Gracie the cat looks on. Bear takes after me and he looooves cake! Gracie thought she wanted cake as well so we gave her some, but she didn't eat it.

The Big Boys are often a source of entertainment and today was no exception. Leo and Thomas were having a grand time playing with each other and running around. I see all of the horses running and playing from time to time, but none of the others have extended run and play sessions like the Big Boys have sometimes. I happened to have my camera with me and captured some of it on video. Unfortunately the sun was close to setting so the picture quality is a bit grainy due to the lack of light. I think you can get the gist of how much fun they were having though! Overall it was a very pleasant weekend, and hopefully this week will bring more of the same.

Leo and Thomas are our playful duo. At about 32 seconds they trot across the pasture together. I would NOT want to be the judge of that hack class! At 2:50 they gallop around the field again, and at 3:15 Levendi joins them while they run. At the very end we also see Homer, Chance and Elfin.

Mr. O'Reilly and Chili grazing together. O'Reilly is an Irish bred gelding who showed in the jumpers. Chili is a Quarter Horse gelding who worked cattle and was also an excellent trail horse in the Colorado mountains.

Snappy; Snappy is a Polish bred gelding who competed through the four star level in eventing with the famous rider Mark Todd of New Zealand. Snappy was then sold to a rider in the U.S. and crashed at a cross country jump (rider error). After having tendon surgery on both front legs after the crash Snappy began a new career in the hunters. He won a lot, including being champion of the World Champion Hunter Rider Children's Hunter final at the Capitol Challenge Horse Show.

Lightening; Lightening is an Arabian and is a retired trail riding partner.

Cuff Links grazing and acting as the lookout while Harmony naps. Cuffie is a Welsh pony and is a retired pony hunter. Harmony is a Thoroughbred and retired polo pony.

Harmony was sleeping hard and looked like she was smiling, I could see all of her teeth.

I disturbed her nap and she was giving me a really groggy look here; she was not happy with my intrusion!

MyLight; MyLight is a Thoroughbred mare and is retired from dressage.

Missy; Missy is a Quarter Horse pony and worked at a dude ranch for most of her life. She was repaid for her service by being sent to a kill buyer. Thankfully the family that owns her now rescued her and she taught one of their daughters how to ride.

Buffy; Buffy is a Thoroughbred mare and retired show hunter.

Trillion; Trillion is a Dutch Warmblood and showed in the Regular Working Hunters. He won everyshere and at one point was the top horse in the country in the Regulars. He was circuit champion at places like the Winter Equestrian Festival. We joke that Trillion reminds us of Winnie the Pooh and he should walk around hugging a Honey Pot.

The dogs heading down the driveway to the barn. Back to front we have Bugle, Bear, Bella and Trooper.

Leo; Leo is a Dutch Warmblood who showed through 4th level in dressage before becoming a show hunter.

Trigger and Baby; Trigger is an Appendix Quarter Horse and Baby is a Thoroughbred/Dutch Warmblood cross. Both are retired show hunters.

Traveller; Traveller is a Welsh pony cross and retired from the pony hunters.


Anonymous said...

Love the video - they certainly have plenty of energy - and love those neat manes!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Thomas and Leo are so regal even when they move quickly (which is not that quick at all). Much different play (the pawing in front) than our Quarter Horses here. I don't know much about the Dutch Warmblood breed but they are big beautiful horses aren't they? You're lucky the weather was good for you....Sat. was nice here but yesterday, last night (all night) and today still raining! The horses are in because we have nothing but mud slicks getting them out to pastures. I'll be working them in the round pen today.

Jon said...

Nice flying lead for Thomas going up the hill, and noticed his "I could double barrel you if I wanted to Leo!" toward the end.
I have had 2 Schips in my life - Jazz & Suzy-Q, they were BEST DOGS ever!! When Terri & I get settled in upstate I'll be campaigning for one, I mean we only have 4 dogs, why not complete the hand, right? Happy belated to Bear!

Jen said...

Love the video! Both of them are absolutely gorgeous! Excellent documentation of the "Face Game" that geldings love to play :)

RuckusButt said...

I usually stack a couple slices of extra old cheddar into a "cake" for my dog's birthday. She practically goes cross-eyed with disbelief as I put it in front of her.

I have to wait until later to watch the video - security at work doesn't allow streaming :( The pics were great, as always!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the perk of having so many gorgeous and accomplished horse in your own backyard. I would never get any work done from just watching them all day. Hard to get why some are retired when they can still move like they do, but kudos to the owners for giving them such a great retirement.

Java's Mom said...

Awesome video. I've watched it about 5 times. I can't get enough of watching your fancy retirees show off how good they feel. A nice compliment to your very good care.