Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pleasant Days

I have to say this has been a really pleasant week on the retirement farm. The weather has been so lovely everyone - horses, donkey, cows, humans, dogs, cats, goats, roosters - has been in an exceptionally pleasant mood. I realized as I was grooming one of the residents the other day that he had not made any ugly faces at me. This particular resident (I won't name names!) is usually a super grump during grooming, but doesn't really do anything other than pin his ears, make ugly faces and toss his head. I could not believe I was able to curry and brush him without so much as a snarky face in my direction! Between the sunshine and the exceedingly pleasant temperatures everyone has had a smile on their face.

It looks like we are in for more exceptionally pleasant weather through the weekend and next week. I am certainly not complaining about that! Perfect weather for barn improvement projects. Today the barn was pressure washed in preparation for being repainted tomorrow. After spending what felt like a zillion hours priming and painting run-in sheds last summer you can rest assured that I am not manning either the pressure washer or a paint brush! It is kind of nice to watch someone else do a big job like that and know that you won't have to do it!

When I was uploading the pictures for this post they kind of depressed me. These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago and I can't believe the difference in the pastures, not in a good way, in just two weeks. It is amazing how much better our pastures looked just two weeks ago! Every year when February rolls around I look at our pastures and I think they will never come back. Happily they have every year so far!

I hope everyone has a great weekend with beautiful weather and happy horses. Quote of the day: "God forbid that I should go to any Heaven in which there are no horses."

Sparky and Bonnie hanging out

Traveller having a bath

Hanging out after breakfast; MyLight, Harmony, Cuffie, Lily, Buffy and Missy

Mr. O'Reilly and Chili

Winston, Sebastian, Asterik and Trillion



Slinky enjoying a vigorous roll

Teddy, Snappy and Mr. O'Reilly

Lucky and Slinky

I love this picture of Lily and Cuff Links; with their matching poses it looks like Lily has her own Mini-me


Anonymous said...

We're having a run of very nice weather here too - finally! We're on our last few days of pasture grazing before we're back to dry lots and round bales - :( - that means winter is finally coming. Loved the picture of Lily and Cuffie - could you e-mail that one to me?

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

I'm planning on riding today....we have sun and warmer temps too! We've had many people come by to ask if they can paint our weathered looking barns....but no budget for that yet....I may be the one doing it next spring...ugh! Have a great day!