Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Of The Same

We woke up Monday morning with snow on the ground, not quite an inch, and it flurried off on and throughout the day yesterday. This morning we had some more light flurries. Again it is just barely cold enough to snow, the temperature is actually above freezing and the ground is not frozen.
If you haven't guessed I am over this snow thing. I will say again that as much as I have complained about our winter, I am very glad I am not in the mid-Atlantic area! Our snow accumulation for the winter is at about five and a half inches and counting which is significant for us. At least it melts pretty quickly. To say we have had an unusual winter would be an understatement. The horses still seem to find the snow amusing even if the fun has worn off for the people.
The barn still reeks of skunk odor, it does not even seem to have dissipated at all. Three days down of skunk odor, how many more to go? I fear I don't want to know the answer to that!

Tony having fun taking a run through the snow

Asterik, Winston and B-Rad decided to take a cruise around my arena.

Leo walking through the pasture while the snow flurries came down

Homer and Thomas

Dustin says "yawn, this snow thing is getting old"

Ivan was hanging out and catching a nap in the snow flurries


Cuff Links blending in with the landscape


Apollo agrees with Dustin, he thinks snow is boring now

Mr. O'Reilly


Missy, Cuff Links and Harmony


Chance, Tony, Trigger and Dustin

Clay, Teddy and Chili


Anonymous said...

Glad you haven't gotten hammered by the snow as badly as the Mid-Atlantic coast. But somehow it isn't fair to live where you do and get that much snow! Hope spring comes soon - for all of us!

jane augenstein said...

Love the snowy horse videos and pictures! We keep getting more and more snow! I am sure ready for spring and warmer weather.
Oh, the skunk smell in your barn! I would have no idea how you would get it out. We have never had any stinkers at the barn but I have smelled them in the spring. Hope they stay away from the barn and house!!! So far the dogs haven't encountered one either...thank goodness!!!!!

ZionFarm said...

What beautiful snow pictures, but Im so with you in the fact that I am TIRED of this crazy winter and ready for spring to get here.

Jen said...

I have no idea what you could do to get the skunk odor out. I DO know that at my barn one wall got sprayed by a skunk, and when you're standing next to it you can notice the skunk odor, but it's not overpoweringly strong. Love the snowy horse videos!