Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From Rainy to Sunny

Someone made the comment to me recently that too many of my blog posts were weather related. I have to say that when I look at my posts for the last few weeks they were right on the money with their comment! We set a record for cold weather in January with our two weeks of high temperatures around freezing, and now it feels like we are trying to set a precipitation record as well. We had our big snow event a couple of weeks ago with our 4" of snow, but it seems like almost every day brings at least the possibility of rain in our forecast. I am soooooo glad we had all of those loads of gravel brought in for the gate areas this fall. The pastures themselves aren't really too muddy with the exception of the traffic areas. I can't imagine what it would look like around the gates right now if they weren't gravelled, but they do have gravel so I only have to imagine and not experience!

The rainsheets and blankets have gotten more of a workout than they've ever had before. I try to give the horses breaks from wearing clothing as much as I can, and in a typical winter here that is easy to accomplish. With the constant threat of rain in the forecast I worry about pulling off the rainsheets and then having that 30% chance of rain wind up being a drenching rainfall. Thus the horses have wound up in their rainsheets on many dry days. I suppose it isn't really that big of a deal to worry about rainsheets on when they aren't needed, but we horse people are hard wired to be worrying about something, aren't we?

I cannot fathom being in the mid-Atlantic area this winter. They had the storm that dropped 2' of snow on them in December. Then another foot in January, and then another 2'-3' last week, and then whatever they are getting in the way of snow as I type right now. A friend of mine who lives in the DC area made me laugh today. She made the comment that she wasn't even too worried about the potential foot or two of snow they are supposed to get today and tomorrow. "I can handle a foot of snow with one arm tied behind my back at this point." Thank goodness she has a sense of humor about it!

Today started off gloomy and rainy, even with some snow mixed in for awhile, but it finished up sunny and cheerful. I should complain less and appreciate more! In that spirit I did post a couple of sunset pictures I took today on the Facebook page. I took the time to watch and appreciate it. When I owned my recruiting company I rarely had the opportunity to see a sunset at this time of year, and now I can watch one every day if I just bother to look up. The constant opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature that is all around me is something I am blessed to have.

Cuff Links and MyLight

Apollo, Leo and Baby

Clay, Slinky and Lucky



Elfin, Tony, Baby

B-Rad sporting the muddy look. Sometimes I wonder why I post pictures of filthy horses, but I guess no one would believe that horses stay clean all the time . . . or would they?

Asterik, Faune, Ogie, Winston, Sebastian



McIntern said...

Trust me, it's NOT fun at all being in the mid-Atlantic right now. I'm in Delaware, originally from Pennsylvania, and I don't think we'll be riding for another 3 weeks unless we get some warm rain. =(

amy324 said...

When your job is outside, you are acutely aware of the weather forecast, and the weather conditions make a huge difference in how your day goes and what you need to do. I don't think it's odd that you post about the weather. We are all reading and nodding in understanding. We got a foot of snow in Chicago today. Ugh. One of my favorite posts of yours was about your rubber boots filling up with water during a torrential rain and you were sloshing when you walked. I know exactly how that is! I thought I was going to have to cut the boots off because I couldn't get my feet out.

RuckusButt said...

I was going to say something similar to Amy, so I'll just second it! Your weather comments have been a little geography lesson for me - I never would have thought it could snow in TN before and I like seeing the difference in seasons as compared to where I live. I'm a geek :)

Dirty horses are real. If I had a horse with you I would be comforted in seeing the real, honest pictures. If they were always clean I'd wonder what you were hiding, lol!

Today is sunny in my world and there is almost a touch of spring in the air. Wish I wasn't stuck working indoors!

Jason said...

RB, me too !

Our spring typically runs 6 to 8 weeks ahead of what we had in eastern/central Ontario and our falls run 4-6 weeks behind. Our "winter" lasts from late December through late February and it would be comparable to early/mid November weather in eastern/central Ontario in terms of temperature, rainfall and snowfall.

Although it is still cold here right at the minute our cool season grasses are definitely greening up. Barring catastrophe, our daffodils should be in full bloom well before the end of February.

RuckusButt said...

Thanks Jason, though as a resident of central/eastern Ontario myself, your words are not terribly comforting :) At least I'll get to see your spring pictures before I get any actual spring weather!

iamcanadian said...

Love the pic of Harmony and the one of Tony, very cute.....weather dont get me started, we have had less snow this year here in the maritimes but my mud, I am gravel envy.