Sunday, March 28, 2010

Equipment Fail

My camera decided it was time to stop functioning properly this weekend so I have very few pictures. It has tried to die on me a few times already and I've been able to breathe life back into it, but this time it seems to be permanent. I kill cameras quickly and this one had the longest life span of any of them at almost two years. My cameras take serious abuse as I carry them around the farm with me all the time. They have so much dirt in them it is unreal. I was able to breathe some life back into this camera a couple of times thanks to my dad removing about an acre of dirt out of its guts using compressed air. Unfortunately that fix isn't working this time. My poor cameras get dropped on the concrete aisle of the barn, they get wet, knocked around, banged against things, dropped in the dirt constantly, really they have no chance at a long life.

I do have a new replacement camera that will hopefully get put into service tomorrow. Needless to say I have very few pictures from the weekend since I was without a camera for most of it!

Faune and B-Rad grazing

Lightening surrounded by some of the hair I had just removed from him with the shedding blade. There was a lot more than this but it was a breezy day and it blew away.

Ogie and B-Rad

Alex taking a nap while Winston stood nearby (Bella the dog as well)
Then they switched places and Winston took a nap while Alex grazed nearby

Missy, Harmony, Cuff Links, MyLight, Lily and Buffy


lytha said...

i guess lightning is one of those who enjoy grooming, cuz you have no halter on him. he's also looking at you like "more?"

(or is that a "got carrots?")

i hate the mess though, the birds don't seem to get all of it.

lightning's my favorite. (of course)

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the camera - I managed to fry my computer (I'm on my husband's) - I think petting a static-kitty at the same time as being on the computer was a bad idea!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

It's getting so green there! I hope your new camera arrives soon. You'll then have to watch out for the mud ploopers! Make sure your first photos are of beautiful GOATS!