Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Continues

Not a lot to report tonight from middle Tennessee. The weather has been beyond perfect, warm and sunny with a light breeze. Many of the trees are very close to leafing out and are full of buds. I didn't walk over to the pond to verify, but I believe I saw some new goslings floating around in the pond today. I was quite a distance away so it could have been baby ducks, I need to walk over and investigate, the pond is fenced off from the pastures although sometimes we give the Big Boys access. Spring is definitely in full force, I even saw a fly today.

Spring is a slow, lingering season here and fall is as well. I remember when Jason and I lived in Vermont I was amazed at how fast spring seemed to happen there. Within a couple of weeks it suddenly warmed up enough and the grass turned green and the trees leafed out. I felt I could almost watch the process happen before my eyes if I stood and stared at a tree long enough! This happens over a much longer period here, taking up most of March and April.

I've been a bit over zealous with the shedding blade and have managed to put bald spots on a few horses. Oops! I do this every year, thankfully their summer coats fill in the spots quickly! My hands are raw and sore from so much grooming and use of the shedding blade, but I think I've already mentioned that in the last umpteen posts. I enjoy it though, it is so pleasant to be outside on a beautiful day grooming horses.

I am off to make up my list for farrier day tomorrow. I hope everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the season.

Clay, Lightening, Chili and Snappy grazing in the sunshine. Clay is a Quarter Horse whose first career was a racehorse and his second career was a trail horse. Lightening is an Arabian and a retired trail partner. Chili is a Quarter Horse and he worked cattle and hit the trails. Snappy is a Polish bred horse who evented through the four star level with Mark Todd and ended his showing days as an A circuit hunter.

Faune and Winston were feeling super friendly and were practically kissing each other. Faune is a Selle Francais and Winston is a Thoroughbred. Both are retired show hunters.

Norman, Sky and Lexi. Norman is a medium pony retired from the pony hunters. Sky and Lexi are my horses and are happiest when their job description involves being in the pasture with their friends.

Lucky showing perfect form while he rolls. Lucky is a Quarter Horse and retired trail partner.

Asterik is a Holsteiner and he showed on the "A" circuit in both the hunters and the jumpers.

Slinky and Lucky in the front, Ivan and Homer in the back. Slinky is a large pony and he specialized in the pony equitation classes. Ivan is a Thoroughbred and showed up to the Grand Prix level in the jumpers. Homer is an Irish bred gelding who was a top notch show hunter.

Levendi is an Oldenburg and retired show hunter

Thomas and Trigger. Thomas is a Holsteiner and retired from dressage. Trigger is an Appendix Quarter Horse and retired show hunter.

Leo and Chance. Leo is a Dutch Warmblood and he showed through 4th level in dressage before becoming a show hunter. Chance is a Thoroughbred and he has had many job descriptions including racehorse, pulling a carriage for tourists and show hunter.

Lily and Harmony. Lily is a Quarter Horse/Warmblood cross who showed in the jumpers. Harmony is a Thoroughbred and retired from a career in polo.


Jason said...

Melissa is right...spring down here usually starts with daffodils in the middle of February and usually ends when the oak trees leaf out in mid April. Relative to east central Ontario, it takes an incredible amount of heat and an incredibly long time to get the grass to turn green and even more to get the trees to leaf out. Lest it sounds like I'm complaining about it, I enjoy spring more than any other season and (relative to Ontario) here we have time to savor it.

amy324 said...

I can't believe how green your grass is in that first picture! It is warming up here, which I love, but it means the imminent arrival of the ticks, which I dread. I really miss Virginia at this time of year. Although we have lilacs here in the north, we don't have dogwoods, redbuds, and forsythia in abundance like in Va.

Anonymous said...

Our spring isn't as advanced as your yet, but we're supposed to get a few days in the 70s this week!

ZionFarm said...

I gave Hoffy a few bald spots too! I felt so bad. At least it is going to be very warm here this week. :)

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Every time I look at Harmony, I remmeber how the vet told us when she was 8 that she had a heart murmur...and how I used to worry that she would keel over playing polo! Guess not, LOL.

Happy 30th, Harmony - it's probably around this time of year!