Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday Pictures

Tony trotting through the pasture

Tony was being followed by the rest of the Big Boys (Ivan behind him, Baby and Thomas are next, then Chance and Trigger and maybe Elfin in the trees)

It looks like Levendi, Hemi and Apollo were next as they're coming to the edge of the tree line in this shot

Chance, Elfin and Trigger out in front

Trigger and Elfin

Apollo, Levendi and Leo

Homer and Hemi


B-Rad and Alex

Missy and MyLight

Slinky, Teddy, O'Reilly and Lucky

Sebastian, Winston and Faune


Anonymous said...

Slinky is becoming one of my favorites - love that face!

Java's Mom said...

What fun to see them all run together feeling good. how is Faune's leg? I hope it is all better.

Sylvia said...

Love the shot of slinky!