Thursday, December 9, 2010

Frisky Mares

The pastures have been very colorful the last few days as more often than not the horses have had their clothes on this week. To say I have not been a happy camper the last couple of days would be an understatement. Get ready for it folks, the next 90 days are going to chock full of me endlessly whining and complaining about being cold. For me anything under about 45 degrees means it is time to break out the long underwear. I was not happy to be pulling out the long underwear in early December, I should be able to put this off until later in the month. Most of the horses had their blankets taken off after breakfast this morning and they'll have a couple of days of being nekkid before they go back on.

Yesterday was a farrier day. As I was leading Lily back out to her pasture she was very excited. She's always excited as we walk towards her friends. On the other hand as we walk away from them we practice our funeral walk while we turn around and call to them. Yesterday she was even more excited than usual as we walked towards her friends. I was expecting her to turn and gallop off after I removed her halter. She did exactly that but she went crazy bucking, leaping and galloping. She went all the way across the pasture to the other horses doing her aerial moves, and kept going when she reached them. The other girls thought this seemed fun so they started running too.

I managed to capture some of it on the video below. Unfortunately I didn't even think to pull my camera out of my pocket for Lily's initial solo run. I was too busy watching her and thinking "you go Lily!" to think about pulling out my camera.

Sorry the first 15 seconds are so blurry, the zoom got stuck on my camera. At 25 seconds you can see the chain reaction buck, first Lily, then Harmony and then MyLight. They had a good time.

A video clip of Romeo's before and after meal routine. He does this before you feed him and then does this for a good 10 minutes after he is done eating. He sucks his cheeks in and licks his lips and he does it over and over and over. It is much cuter in person but I tried to capture it on video.


Storm and Tiny with Johnny in the background

Alex and Justin

Rampal and Storm were hanging out under the trees



Cuff Links; Cuffie is one that can remove his blanket with all of the straps still done up. I've never seen a horse actually do this, I've always just found the blanket sans horse laying in the field, all straps and buckles still adjusted.

Hay eating has been a very popular activity this week. Snappy, Lucky, Teddy, Lightening and Slinky. Or, as Jason says when he has his clothes on "Slink in Pink!"

O'Reilly, Spike and Noble


Marissa said...

I loved that little video of Romeo! I've never seen a horse do that, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Romeo video is very cute! Ah, the Lil . . . glad it's you and not me handling her on the ground - she can be quite the beast. I see Maisie got in a bit of a run too - hope her hind legs are holding up OK.

Laura said...

It is nice to see them run and buck a bit, as long as no one gets hurt!

Cute Romeo video - my horse does that too...

lytha said...

i have to ask your advice. we're treating a run-in shed like a barn, and perhaps that is our mistake. we're getting a lot of condensation on the ceiling when there is snow up there.

what do you think can be done about it, if anything? we're wasting a lot of bedding pellets due to condensation. we will contact the manufacturer too.

i just wrote in detail about finishing up (almost!) our run-in. i thought, geez, if paradigm did that, they'd never have time to write about their horses!


lytha said...

oral hygiene is very important to romeo i see. *lol*

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Lytha I don't have an answer to your question but Jason probably does. Being a good southerner my response to snow is to wait a couple of days until it melts. We don't actually proactively deal with snow around these parts! However being from Canada Jason should have extensive experience to answer your questions. All that said when we do get snow the run-ins don't have any (or enough to notice) condensation on the ceiling.