Sunday, January 30, 2011

65 Wonderful Degrees

The last few days we have seen the best that middle Tennessee has to offer for winter weather, 65 degrees and sunny. In fact I think it actually might have topped out closer to 70 this afternoon. This makes me much happier than snow. It was so nice to working outside wearing jeans and a long sleeve polo shirt and not feeling the need to be bundled up and layered up. The horses were very happily walking around naked and caking themselves with every last bit of mud and dirt they could possibly find. I hate it when people visit the farm this time of year since their scenic view consists of shaggy, dirty horses. One good roll and they look like they haven't been groomed in weeks! The horses love it even though I try to tell them this is bad for our image. They don't seem to care. We joke that we are going to sign the horses up for some marketing and public relations classes.

I made the time to have a quick ride on both Bonnie and Sky this weekend. The weather was just too nice not to ride. They have not been ridden in 2011 and for the most part have hardly been ridden at all the last few months simply due to a lack of time on my part. They thought they had joined the ranks of the retired horses and were quite happy about that. Sky was standing quietly in the cross ties while I attempted to remove the layers of dirt and dust in search of the grey horse I knew was lurking underneath. The look on her face when I walked towards her with the saddle in my arms was truly priceless. It could best be summed up as shocked disbelief. If she could talk she would have said "but mom, we don't do that anymore!" complete with a hoof stomp.

Everyone and everything on the farm has had a smile the last few days. The people, the horses, the dogs, cats, The Don, the goats and the pet cows all gave two thumbs up for the weather. We have a couple more days of this and then we get rain. Blech.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Gus on the run

Tiny and Stormy were watching Gus run around

Winston, Chimano and Romeo with Faune hiding in the background

Homer hanging out with Elfin napping behind him
Elfin was napping hard in the sunshine

Grand and Apollo

Hemi and Thomas

Hoffy and Trigger

Maisie was running around . . .

. . . then she stopped and looked at me as if to say "did you get that"


Anonymous said...

65!!! We're about to have a big snowstorm, with wind chills dropping to -25F afterwards - bet you're glad you don't live here. Love muddy, happy horses - and thanks for the Maisie (and other) pics!

lytha said...

are your retirees sweating out there? i just had to add a second winter blanket to my horse, cuz it's gonna be even colder tonight.

i never really experienced cold back home in seattle (maritime climate). now i get four distinct seasons (not just rain/rain/less rain/rain). and i guess i have to say i kind of appreciate it. i mean, imagine how much you appreciate the first budding of spring after months of hell snow. sheesh!

i was working in the yard all day and it was "spitting" snow but really too cold to snow, so nothing settled, it just blew around artfully. the trees (and baasha's tail) are coated in frost. the ground is white, even with no snow.

i am so thankful for a working furnace, hot showers, and american tea!