Sunday, September 4, 2011

From Near and Far

I was talking to Melissa the other day about how a number, actually quite a number, of the horses retired with us have done more travelling and seen more countries than either of us will ever see.

One of the unanswerable questions that I posed to her is that I wonder what our charges actually think of it here. For these widely travelled horses, I wonder how our place and southern Middle Tennessee in general compares to....oh let's pick some countries at random....New Zealand or the UK or South Africa....from a horse's perspective.

I don't guess we'll never know, but it sure would be interesting to find out !


Our audience a couple of days ago (I'm sure they were saying something along the lines of "look at those fools crawling in the woods and pulling wire out")

Ivan and Moe

Baby and Tony


Fonzi, Chimano and Gus

Winston and Faune

Asterik and Romeo



EvenSong said...

I found myself wanting parenthetical identifiers on the photos in today's post, telling where each of the subjects was from, or had traveled to...

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they think they have landed in horse heaven on earth! ~spotz58

Jenny said...

I think they all talk about how lucky they are to be at Paradigms now. But i wonder if they use respective accents? LOL

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

What's the story with Ivan and Moe? That's the second picture I've seen- the first being Apollo, Ivan and Moe. I hope Apollo didn't lose his BFF!