Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Visit from Lee

On Sunday through Tuesday we had a visit from tropical storm Lee. We were looking forward to it as the last few weeks had been very dry with no rain at all. On Sunday it was quite nice. A very, very soft rain fell for several hours starting Sunday afternoon which was perfect for the dry ground. The temperatures were warm and it was very pleasant for both people and horses (this said by the person who really dislikes being out in the rain!).

By Monday the rain was coming down harder and the temperatures had dropped quite a bit, from the low 90's down to the high 70's. At this point we were all saying that this was perfect. The soft rain of Sunday had prepared the ground for the harder rain on Monday and the cooler temperatures were a nice change. On Monday afternoon I was getting pretty grumpy. I was ready for the rain to stop and the temperatures to warm up. Jason and I both had on long sleeved shirts under our raincoats Monday afternoon, and Jason had traded in his shorts for jeans (I always wear jeans when working on the farm, not shorts). My problem with this is that I wasn't hot with the long sleeves and the raincoat. I should be hot in this attire in early September. Like I said I was starting to get grumpy.

It rained all night Monday and All. Freaking. Day on Tuesday. The temperature was right at 60 degrees and raining, with some wind. I had moved on from grumpy to full on witch mode. I was constantly having to change my clothes as I peeled myself out of my soaking wet clothes. The horses were also getting crabby. Everyone had moved on from welcoming the rain and cooler temperatures to cursing the rain and the temperature, even Jason.

Lee FINALLY moved on Tuesday evening and the rain stopped. Today was exceptionally pleasant after three days of non-stop rain, alternating between cloudy and sunny with temperatures still in the mid 60's which is incredibly low for this time of the year. Personally I would prefer the normal temperatures for this time of year which would be low to mid 80's but since it was not raining I was quite happy. From Sunday through Tuesday we had just shy of eight inches of rain. Thanks to the soft, soaking rain of Sunday the ground soaked it all up and there was no run-off and no flooding. The grass was already starting to explode today (at least this part made everyone happy) and we are preparing to put both the lawnmower and the bush hog to work in the next few days. The ground is not even muddy, just wet enough for the horses to roll and get really dirty.

After our record breaking drought in 2007 I told myself I would never complain about rain again. I have kept that promise to myself faithfully until the last couple of days. Bad me.


Cuffie leading the way with MyLight, Cinnamon, Lily and Missy following


Norman and Traveller having a grooming session

Levendi (Baby and Tony in the background)

Moe, Leo and Chance


Ivan, Hemi, Thomas and Apollo

Chili leading the way with Fuzzy, Sam, Murphy, Wiz, Sebastian and Renny behind him


Sylvia said...

Count me in the grumpy category. We've had SO much rain since Irene. Ug. Irene's destruction, plus the last three days of non stop rain = me being a grumpy you know what.
And it's been cooler here, too. I actully turned the heat on yesterday and once last week.
I'm glad you're getting some nice grass out of the deal ;)

KarenTX said...

We were so hoping Lee would come visit us instead! It is really bad down here, fires are popping up everywhere. Firefighters from 6 cities just got a several hundred acre grass fire out south of us. We are SW of Houston and thankfully do not have all the fires north of Houston does. We are somewhere around 20 inches behind so far this year. If you see any more rain, send it our way! :o) Glad you got what you needed and hope it warms up a bit.

Funder said...

Oh that sounds like lovely fall weather! This will blow your mind: you just got more rain in three days than Reno gets in a year.