Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blanket Fail

We had a big temperature change this week. On Tuesday it was 85 degrees and sunny. On Wednesday the temperature reluctantly reached 50 degrees late in the day and it was overcast, windy and threatening to rain. We set a record as I decided we should put rain sheets on the horses. We've never used blankets in October before. Thankfully in another day we're supposed to be back to our normal temperatures.

Apparently the horses did not get the memo that we were there to save them. We were there to provide them with the creature comforts that they desperately need to be happy horses. Every time either of us got near a horse with a sheet they took off, usually at a mad gallop, often with some bucking and farting thrown in. In the first group we managed to corner and wrangle sheets onto George and Faune. I finally clued in that I needed to be fearing for my personal safety with the frisky horses galloping and swirling around us and gave up with that group. You can see how cooperative they were in this video:

George and Faune with sheets on. Silver, Asterik, Romeo, Gus, Winston, Fonzi and Chimano round out the uncooperative, galloping group of horses.

I realize people who follow this blog regularly will laugh out loud at my next statement. I decided it would be a good idea to try and put sheets on the big boys next. You probably don't need me to tell you how that worked out. At one point Jason threw down the sheets he had in his arms and shouted something along the lines of "fine, be this way, I JUST WON'T BOTHER TRYING TO HELP YOU ANY MORE!!!" I was laughing so hard I was ready to pee in my pants which only further served to egg Jason on into more frustrated venting. I am proud to say that after a ridiculous amount of time and a team effort we did get clothes on Baby and Grand. It only took like - an hour.

Elfin and Hemi playing

Elfin, Thomas, Hemi and Grand

We moved on to the next pasture and had about the same level of success. We got clothes onto Clayton and Toledo. Yet again it took us a ridiculous amount of time to accomplish this as none of the horses were being cooperative and they kept galloping away. Are you seeing a pattern here? I am. No I don't mean the general pattern of stupidity as I kept insisting we try to blanket uncooperative horses. I mean that we seemed to manage to get blankets on two horses per pasture. I told someone that I wouldn't be surprised if I stumble upon a picture of Jason and I trying to put blankets on galloping horses on the fail blog. Yesterday was a pretty epic failure!

Toledo, Kennedy, Clayton and Stormy

After we had spent a large part of the day watching horses run away with us and play catch me if you can and accomplishing nothing I finally gave up. Jason was so relieved that I finally threw in the towel he was instantly in a good mood. Today the weather was more pleasant, no threats of rain and no wind, and the sun returned. The few blankets we had managed to put on were pulled off. Hopefully they won't be needed again until sometime in late November. After yesterday's debacle it will be awhile before we can muster up the conviction to try again. Maybe the horses were just trying to remind us that it is still October and we never use blankets in October.

Thomas and Leo

Thomas and Grand

Fonzi giving us his opinion of the weather while Chimano grazed

Finally starting to calm down and get back to grazing; Baby, Moe, Levendi, Grand

Jason kept pestering me to take this picture. I don't know why but he would not let up until I took this picture so here it is.


Anonymous said...

The fun part is when you do get the blanket on with only the chest strap and they run off and play super horse! Don't worry Nov is just around the corner,ie to blanket or not, weather channel every hour,,,

Funder said...

I've never seen such a shameful pasture of neglected broken-down old nags. You couldn't catch them? What a terrible excuse for your laziness! ROFL

Laura said...

too funny - what a bunch of hooligans those horses are!

That last picture is nice - lots of room to store the trailer - covered and with a gravel base...very nice.

Anonymous said...

gravel envy!

I figure if the horse has all that energy to run off then they have enough energy to keep warm. Besides, nothing like a wet chilly experience to bring them to their senses for next time.

Anonymous said...

Nice trailer storage! (and nice truck and trailer too)

And great videos - a pretty playful bunch.

We've had wild hooligans here too with windy, rainy conditions and temperatures in the low 40s - got the sheets on because I was doing it in stalls!