Thursday, October 6, 2011

When the Cat's Away...

Melissa has taken a much needed break tonight and she's off having a girl's night out with some old friends. Normally, this would give me license to do lots of aberrant and fun things, but unfortunately someone has to stay home and tend the fort. More importantly, somebody has to write this blog and upload pictures. While there may be some small glimmer of hope for my literary talents, even I admit that my photo making and uploading abilities are pretty grim. Hindsight being 20/20 vision, I wish I had asked Melissa for a little help in uploading pictures instead of cavalierly declaring that I could handle it easily. All I can do is ask for patience and forgiveness ahead of time. I assure you that if you've seen the pictures I'm fixing to post before, there is no conspiracy. It's because the dummy at the computer doesn't know any better.

On the equipment front, groundhog day continues. I picked up the studs for the tractor tire on Tuesday. Unfortunately, when I got them home none of the studs fit because the parts man ordered studs for a 4wd tractor instead of a 2wd. This might have been okay except that when I went back to the dealer he kept insisting that he'd researched it and the studs he ordered would fit. As you might imagine this was trying my temper pretty severely. Finally, I asked him to turn the computer he was on toward me so I could see the page. It took about two seconds for me to figure out what was the matter and I pointed to the clearly marked 4wd title at the top of the page. We reordered the studs and I picked them up a few minutes ago. I've now been broken down for a week and I'm itching to get running again.

In other news, we have been spreading gravel like there is no tomorrow at the new farm, both on the lane way and to create sacrifice areas within the pastures. It sometimes seems to me like we're doing our best to put a layer of gravel over all the good topsoil on the farm, but I know we'll appreciate every bit of it when it gets wet this winter.

We got VERY used to this sight !
The horses took it all in stride. They never even moved while the gravel was being spread.

Working on the laneway

Tiny and Johnny. Two heads are better than one.


amy324 said...

Excellent blogging! This means Melissa can go out more often?
;-) I have gravel envy. Almost as much as I have fence envy.

Jenny said...

The was fine blogging and picture posting. Great last pic! My girl Josie sleeps with her lip hanging low too.

Bif said...

I think you did a great job!

See, Melissa can get more days off. Certainly. =D

Sylvia said...

I also have gravel envy. We've had to move ours to the sacrifice area/gate area with a shovel and wheelbarrow!
Hope Melissa had a most fantastic time!! :)