Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter/Rain Clothing Update

Several of you were kind enough to share what you wear for boots and gloves with Melissa in a post she wrote back in early December. We took your suggestions plus some good ideas of our own, parted with a ridiculous amount of money and FINALLY got us some rain and in Melissa's case cold weather gear that is fit to be called such. We work outside all day every day no matter the weather. In terms of comfort improvement I'm left wondering why we did not make these purchases a long, long time ago. (Melissa here: Why I did not do this a long time ago? With the exception of Christmas I prefer to pretend that December, January and February don't exist. By ignoring them then surely they are not happening and I am warm, right? This approach did not work despite many years of implementing it.)

Without my friend Kristy's recommendation it probably never would have occurred to us to go to Bass Pro Shops, but I am SO GLAD we did. We both got thick but breathable, heavy duty Gore Tex waterproof shells....the best that Bass Pro Shops make, and after having worn them through several heavy rains I can say they work a treat. The biggest problem I had with rubber rain gear was that I would sweat so heavily while wearing it that I might as well have saved myself the trouble and just gotten wet from the rain. Not so with this stuff, it actually breathes. Also, the hoods on these coats are incredibly deep....so deep that I can wear my glasses during a hard rain and not have them get wet.

Melissa got a pair of heavy duty Bass Pro Gore-Tex fisherman type waterproof insulated pants that cost every bit as much as her coat did. I thought those would be too hot for me so I got a lighter (and much cheaper) pair of rain pants plus a pair of suspenders to help hold them up.

It'd be really dumb to work alone out in the middle of a group of horses with no peripheral vision, so one of my must have items was a truly waterproof hat. It looks a little odd, but for thirty bucks I now own a Gore-tex full camo fedora type hat that is completely waterproof.

Melissa is quite pleased with her Seal Skinz gloves. She says they are not the warmest things she has ever worn. However she overlooks this because they fit tightly enough that she can put on and take off feed bags and blankets with them on AND they are truly waterproof.

After a lifetime of misery on the work boot front I broke down and tried a pair of Red Wings a few months ago. I think I have finally found a boot that is water and "barnyard acid" resistant, has excellent traction and that is so comfortable that I can't wait to put them on in the morning. They have now outlasted all but one pair of boots I've ever owned before and they show no signs of leaking or tearing. They are also the first pair of boots I've ever owned that actually fit my feet correctly.

The one thing that is still on Melissa's must get list is a pair of really good, comfortable pair of boots that are warm and waterproof. We're on the lookout, but we haven't found them yet. She is so picky we may never find the right boots.


I've seen this video posted a few places and it was too funny not to share. The Equestrian Whisperer teaches other horses how to get what you want from humans. I particularly like the part at the end, how to get them to give you all the food you want but leave you alone.

Stormy, Largo and Clayton

Chili, Wiz and Sebastian

Dutch and Fuzzy

Trigger and Thomas

Thomas, Tony and Ivan

Thor and O'Reilly

Fabrizzio, Walden and Lightening

Chili and Sam

B-Rad and Murphy

Cuff Links and Norman


Lori Skoog said...

If you want boots that are warm no matter how cold it gets, I have never had to put on a pair of heavy socks with my Muck boots regardless of the temperature. They come in at least three different heights and have lasted for years.

Anonymous said...

Well, now we need pictures of you both decked out in your gear!


Funder said...

I will have to get a pair of Seal Skins for wet rides!

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

I hope to see complete pictures of all this foul weather gear in action- especially the fedora! I have Reynaud's condition and always wear toe warmers from Heat Factory inside my boots and shoes. They last 4-6 hrs. and can be purchased from the Sportsman's Guide.com. I cannot live without them. They also make hand warmers that one can keep in one's pocket.

Kristy said...

Glad you all are getting geared up!! I knew those hunters wouldn't let you down!! They figured it out a long time ago! I just laid down a ridiculous amount of $ for more base layers...expecting to spend a lot of February & March in Minnesota, Wisconsin & upstate NY. Yay for me! Going with UA base 4.0 and trying out Patagonia's. Sorry Melissa hasn't found boots, but that is a hard choice. Oh, and tell her I'm testing out a pair of Youngstown or Youngblood or Young something or other 'waterproof & insulated' work glove. Found them on a construction forum. They say you keep your finger dexterity and keep your fingers warm! I'll let you know how that works out. One other thing she may want - just as an extra pair - Carhartt makes insulated waterproof overpants that snap/zip on over your jeans...for women!!! That was another construction find. I love my pair. Stay warm!

Kristy said...

Glad to hear you're getting geared up!! I knew a bunch of hunters wouldn't let you down. They figured that stuff out a long time ago. Sorry Melissa hasn't found boots, but that is a tough find. I just laid a pile of $ on more base layers b/c I've found out I'll be spending much of February & March in Minnesota, Wisconsin & upstate NY. Yay for me...I'm so lucky. I'm going with UA base 4.0 and trying out Patagonia's base. Tell Melissa I'm also testing Youngstown (or was it Youngblood or Young something or other) "waterproof & insulated" gloves. Found them through a construction forum - they swear you keep your finger dexterity & keep your fingers warm. We'll see. She may also want (just for a spare pair) of Carhartt zip over insulated waterproof pants...for women!!! (A construction find from last year.) I love mine. Stay warm!!