Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Correct Answer Is . . .

In my last post I mentioned my total shock when I randomly picked up Jason's ipod and scrolled to most played list. For those who are wondering, and I know the suspense killed many of you, the most played song on Jason's ipod is "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. I had no idea that Jason was even aware of Lady Gaga's existence. I was beyond shocked that he would actually have one of her songs on his ipod. It is incomprehensible to me that someone who loves old country music would have a song by Lady Gaga as the most played song on their ipod.

To recap Jason claims that he doesn't actually like the song. He claims that when he hears the song he can see our fainting goat, Miss Lyle, jamming and dancing to the song. As for how the song ended up on his ipod, he accidentally synced my playlist with his ipod and now he has both my music and his. So it is a complete and total accident that Jason is even aware of the existence of Lady Gaga. Just to make sure I was fully aware that it was a mistake and he doesn't like any of the several hundred songs that made their way from my ipod to his, he says he is working on deleting it all.

I guess it is rather disturbing to have Lady Gaga come blaring on the radio when you're actually expecting a song by someone along the lines of Porter Wagoner. The only reason I've ever heard of Porter Wagoner or heard any of his music is courtesy of Jason. I would never choose to listen to it of my own accord, but that isn't relevant to this post.

You just never know what you will discover as you are trying to entertain yourself while making laps around the pasture with a manure spreader in tow!!

Here is a video from February of Jason calling over his fainting goats so he can hand out treats to them. The Lady Gaga dancer (according to Jason) Miss Lyle is the one who jumps up on Jason for her treat.

the morning sun coming through the clouds

Lightening leading the way over the little ditch

Fabrizzio was next

Walden also went over the ditch; he may have been a dressage horse but apparently he also has cross country skills

not great pictures but Wiz found a nice place to roll and did a very thorough job

Murphy, Alex, Lighty and B-Rad

Sebastian, Fuzzy, Wiz and Renny

Lucky and Thor

Lightening, Fabrizzio and Walden



Funder said...

Poker Face is the second-best Lady Gaga song. (Bad Romance is #1!) But I have horrible taste according to everyone I know - I adore everything that's not jazz, so everybody hates at least part of my music collection. Jason, don't give in to wife pressure! Rock that pop without shame!

SmartAlex said...

LOL! THe first few time I heard Poker Face on the radio I actually turned it off. But it grew on me. It gives me no small measure of discomfort to say I'm a fan of her music... I am always suprised to find out the new song I'm grooving to is one of hers.

Jenny said...

I could see those fainting goats dancing to "Born This Way". LOL literally.

raphycassens said...

Wiz! I thought that was Norman :)