Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After the Meal

I recently did a post on how we do feeding time at the farm.  Sometimes after the meal is much more interesting than feeding time.  I've posted many pictures of Sam walking around licking the air after eating.  As requested I finally took a video of him in action.  He will keep this up for a good 20 minutes most days.  Even as his group moves out after a meal to get back to grazing Sam is walking with them while licking away.  When everyone else starts grazing Sam usually stands there and licks the air for awhile.  Sometimes instead of licking the air he will walk up to another horse and start licking them.  This often leads to a grooming session as in the video below:

Sam licking, then grooming Murphy, and then B-Rad joins in the fun at the end.  Why I stopped recording when B-Rad came up to make it a three way grooming session I have no idea.  That was stupid!

Then there is Romeo.  After he eats he sucks on his tongue and his teeth.  He also does this while he is eating.  When he has food in his mouth he periodically takes a minute to suck on it as if he is savoring the taste.  If you give him an apple slice he sucks the juice out of the slice before chewing it.  This is an old video from December 2010 that I have posted before of Romeo doing his post meal routine.  This actually is not one of his better efforts but it is the only video I have:

It's hard not to smile when we watch this!


Three Amigos; Stormy, Largo and Clayton

Kennedy, Rampal and Johnny

Some days I feel like I can trip on the deer as I walk around.  We've even seen them eating the horse's salt.

Grand and Elfin

Walden says the trees taste good

Silky taking a nap

I can never get enough of this view, I love my "office."  Asterik, Silver, Romeo, George, Gus and Lotus are the grazers.  Faune and Winston are in the shed.

Winston and Faune

The post breakfast view yesterday morning.  No one in this pasture was hanging around to have their picture taken, all I saw were their better ends as they left immediately aster eating.

welcome to Griselle, our new residemt


EvenSong said...

How are Sam's teeth? He looks a little like I do tonight, after having corn on the cob--really gotta work to get it all out from between my teeth...

An American in Tokyo said...

Thank you! Thank you!
I looooooove watching the antics of the many personalities on your farm! Watching Romeo made me hungry again -- and I just finished eating! Ha ha!!

Anonymous said...

I love all those little special things that each horse does. Pie sucks his tongue after he takes a drink of water - he'll stand there and suck it for a minute or so, then often take another drink.

Dawn always flaps her bottom lip in the water as she starts to take a drink.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

LOL EvenSong, Sam has great teeth!

Jenny said...

That's so funny. In my 30+ years around horses I had never heard of a horse sucking after eating. Then 2 years ago i got Josie, my much loved Spotted Draft. She does it after EVERY treat and meal. Now i gotta video it. I be she has the cleanest teeth around. Glad to see she's in good company.