Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot and Dry

There isn't a lot to say about our weather except hot and dry.  I don't mind the hot but the dry part is getting old fast.  We are supposed to be really hot the next few days as we have been the last couple of days.  I have to say it has not been that bad.  I even went for a three mile run at noon yesterday. I do need to state a disclaimer that I like hot weather and function well in it and - as everyone who has read this blog for five minutes knows - I really dislike cold weather.  My opinion aside even the horses aren't complaining.  Despite the high temps the humidity has stayed very low.  I saw today that the humidity was only about 17% and there was a breeze all day.  Amazingly I hardly broke a sweat as I was working.  I have been a lot hotter at much lower temperatures when the humidity was high.  

As I mentioned above the horses agree with me.  Around meal times they are in the run-in sheds as they are all next to the gates and they hang out in them while waiting to be fed.  Otherwise they have been out in the pastures grazing, grooming, rolling, playing and dozing in the sun.  We have two horses with anhydrosis (non-sweaters) that we have been watching very closely and they have been fine, it is the humidity that gets to them.  If you felt something really odd happen this afternoon I'm pretty sure the earth rotated off of it's axis for a moment when Jason said it wasn't that bad.  I just stared at him like I had forgotten how to talk.  Jason always complains about the weather in the summer. 

At this point it does look like we will be writing endless posts this summer about how dry it is and the lack of rain.  In May and June we have reached a 15 inch deficit in rainfall.  Of course in December and January we had the opposite problem and it was more like it would never stop raining.  I guess Mother Nature has decided it is feast or famine around here with rain. This time last year we were doing our second cutting of hay and bush hogging the pastures for I think the third time because they were growing like crazy. Oh well, there isn't much we can do except live with it and complain about it and we have both of those things well covered!! 


Faune and George hanging out

Largo going after an itchy spot with Clayton hanging out

Silky, Lightening and Snappy; sorry about the black spot!

chestnuts only in this picture; Renny, Chili, Fuzzy and Murphy


Lightening, Noble (yawning) and Fabrizzio

Kennedy and Stormy

Lucky and Lightening grooming

Lotus and Asterik grooming


Cheyenne said...

There`s somthing quite calming about your place.

EvenSong said...

I'd gladly send you some of our precipitation! It'll be nice for a couple of days, and the local hay farmers will cut some fields, then suddenly the clouds will roll in and dump on us! Folks have lost maybe a third of their first cutting! And hay is the major agricultural product in this area--basis for the local economy. Even though I don't raise hay myself, I dread driving to town right now, cause there are so many fields with washed out brown windrows down. It's so sad.

Lori Skoog said...

All the horse are looking gorgeous!