Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Halter Tag

Some of the horses had halters on today as they were scheduled to see the farrier. Jason and I watched multiple games of halter tag, sometimes more than one pair at once was playing a game of halter tag. Sometimes we felt like we were at a tennis match as we would turn our heads in one direction to watch one playful pair, then turn our heads in another to watch a different pair. Our heads kept going back and forth, back and forth!

Unsurprisingly the Big Boys had several games of halter tag this morning.  The busiest halter tag player by far was Trigger. He played halter tag with Leo, Moe, Levendi and Thomas!  Leo and Moe also kept themselves amused with more than one halter tag partner. Only one halter was pulled off in the making of these photos. Moe got Leo's halter off and it went flying through the air. If only I had managed to get a picture of the airborne halter. The good news is the halter was unharmed and I knew exactly where to go to find it, how convenient!  

As you can see from the pictures the farm was definitely a happy place today!


Trigger and Leo

Moe and Leo

Trigger and Moe

Trigger and Levendi 

Trigger and Thomas (it was exhausting just watching Trigger!)

Stormy and Kennedy

Clayton and Toledo; no halters but they were still having great fun


KY Chris said...

I've wondered why I never see horses with fly masks in your lovely photos - now I think I see why! Sadly, my white faced appy would be burnt to toast without one (and fortunately his pasturemate leaves his alone) but I'm sure he'd have more fun at your place playing tag!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

That's funny. I know that would happen here if my horse friends wore halters. The mini boys just can't resist playing with anything!

lytha said...

i love the photos of the two going for each other's legs. i just love watching horses (and our donkeys) play that game. the halter tag pics are great! "hold still you have something on your face, let me get that off for you" and "cool, i have a convenient handle to grab you with"