Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring on the Lam

After a mostly bearable winter (you have to admit I didn't complain much) spring has certainly been kind of a hit or miss situation here the last few weeks. Spring appears to be spending much of its time on the run this year.  Mother Nature teases us with a few beautiful days, then we are tormented with days like today where it is raining and the high was in the low 50s. Personally I find very little - ok actually nothing - pleasant about working outside on days like today. I envy the horses their ability to happily stand out in the rain grazing, eating hay, or just hanging out, apparently perfectly ok with being soaking wet. Maybe if I enjoyed rolling around in the mud I might view this weather differently? Maybe I should give it a try . . . if nothing else it would be fun to watch Jason's reaction as I flopped from side to side in the mud.

In the typical fashion of these last few weeks our weather is supposed to return to glorious, mid 70s and sunny, by Saturday. Even tomorrow is not looking awful, 65 but cloudy in the morning and not sunny until the afternoon.  It is kind of odd that Jason and I have both done our fair share of whining about the weather lately, usually by this time of the year we have moved on to complaining about something else. I guess we are  making up for lost time since we were not up to our usual standards in regards to weather complaints this winter.

I hope everyone has a weekend full of beautiful weather coming their way!


Kennedy and Oskar

Lotus and Gus (Faune hiding in the background)

Silver and Asterik

Thor and Snappy

Kennedy, Toledo and Tiny

Dutch, Wiz and Johnny

Lighty and Renny



Anonymous said...

I guess it's a matter of perspective - we finally had a day in the 50s today and were jumping for joy - we've been stuck in the 30s and occasional 40s for what seems like forever - way too cold for this time of year.

lytha said...

we still have dirty patches of snow, iced and salted cars, and nothing is growing yet. it's just horrible. i want RAIN!! (temp yesterday was 4C during the warmest part of the day. i'm not sure what that is but my fridge is set to 11C.)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

It's been sucky here too. Especially for those of us who make our living outdoors. I never used to understand the attraction of Florida... ;D