Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy Busy

The best word to describe the last few days is busy. We had a farrier day which is always a busy day, and today we had a dental day.  Sheaths always get cleaned on dental visits so it definitely makes for an all around extra special day. The only days I dislike more than vaccination day are dental days. Nothing puts the horses in a less cooperative mood than having to spend a large amount of time in the barn. This interferes greatly with their regularly scheduled programming of doing whatever they want whenever they want. They do not take this interference well at all. 

On top of attending to farrier and dental needs I managed to get another body clip done yesterday. Lightening was up yesterday. Lightening is particularly hard to clip as he has what I describe as wrinkly skin. Instead of staying firm his skin likes to crease anywhere you touch him with the clippers. It makes getting smooth lines on him next to impossible.  Like everyone else so far Lightening screamed and pawed his way through his clip job. 

I will admit after working with the farrier, having a full day of dentals, and body clipping whenever I have the time, I am tired.  It takes a lot to get me truly worn out but I am there. I am sure Jason is enjoying the silence that comes with a tired Melissa.  I anticipate sleeping very well tonight!


Lightening couldn't even stand still long enough for me to take his picture. You can't really tell but he is about half clipped here.

Traveller and Silky

Lighty having a good roll

Cuffie leading Cinnamon, MyLight and Calimba around the pasture . . . 

. . . Cinnamon and MyLight quickly passed Cuffie

Flyer and Faune

Merlin, Noble and Snappy

Thomas and Homer


This picture isn't a great shot of Donovan, Johnny, Bergie and Stormy but it does remind me that we have large pastures

Rocky and Clayton


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Everyone looks so happy!

Lori Skoog said...

Busy...busy. You are always busy, but this was even more. Your place and the ponies look gorgeous as usual.

Gryph said...

Stupid off-topic question, possibly, but just curious... your FAQs don't mention stallions. Do you accept them, and/or how do you keep things calm? I don't own one, I'm just curious.