Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring Projects Under Way

Spring always brings with it a massive "to-do" list. A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the spring jobs that needed to get done. The term jobs makes these things sound quick and easy, like a task or something. I think I shall relabel them spring projects because that term sounds a lot more accurate. Or maybe it just makes me feel better because I haven't actually completed any of them yet. 

I've started working my way through sorting all of the blankets. I've got well over 100 blankets that need sorting. They all get relabeled with sharpies before being sent off for cleaning, and they all need to get sorted into one of two piles. One pile massive mount of blankets just needs cleaning, the other massive mound needs to be cleaned and repaired. This means I get to handle every dirty blanket twice. I have to spread them all the way out on both sides to examine them for any needed repairs, then turn them over and examine the other side. I've only put a few hours into this and have only made it about a third of the way through the blankets. 

I'm also working my way through the body clipping list. So far I have clipped four horses and I have three  to go. Unfortunately I am always clipping unwilling participants. None of the horses have "spend several hours in the barn getting bathed and then clipped" on their list of things they want to do on any given day. I always have the fun experience of clipping screaming, wiggling, pawing, stomping horses that express their herd-boundness quite determinedly as I clip them, even if you have their best buddy standing next to them. We get through it but I am always happy to cross another name off that list!

We have cleaned out the hay feeders and started compost piles in two of the pastures so we have quite a ways to go on that project as well. The farm has seen a lot of rain lately so there hasn't been an abundance of days suitable for that project. Rain makes the grass grow so no complaints about the rain from me. The hay feeders can get cleaned out any time.

Of course we've also had vaccination day, several farrier days, and a dental day in the last few weeks along with all of our routine daily work. We have another dental day and another farrier day next week, and I have two other days where I have blocked off a large chunk of time for more body clipping.  If the stars align and the universe cooperates I am hoping I can have all of my spring jobs projects completed in the next couple of weeks. 


Silver flying through the pasture

Noble doing a big stretch to groom Merlin

Donovan, Kennedy, Toledo and Rocky

Africa and Murphy

Thor, O'Reilly and Lucky


Lofty and Gibson

my latest unhappy participant in a body-clipping session was Bergie

the view from the pasture we cleared and seeded in the fall and fenced a few weeks ago


RuckusButt said...

The new pasture is looking fabulous!

I feel just as daunted about my many (though smaller) projects!

Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

Every time I read your posts I just feel like this is the perfect retirement home :) You take such good care of them!

RiderWriter said...

So much for the "We'll open a horse retirement farm and make the EZ BUX!" thoughts! LOL... I know you guys knew exactly what you were getting in to, and I continue to admire the wonderful care you take of your charges.