Thursday, January 30, 2014

Funny Filly

This video of a thoroughbred filly acting out in her stall sums up how just about everyone I know feels about this winter. This racing fit filly is actually having fun and simply attempting to let out some pent up energy as she had only galloped one day out of the last five (she had been getting daily turnout though). If this were a video of me I would be throwing myself down on the ground doing my best imitation of a toddler having a full blown temper tantrum. My video would feature me kicking and beating my hands on the floor while crying and screaming at the top of my lungs. This filly's video is much cuter and more fun to watch. I realize others have had it worse as we did not have the winter storm that many areas of the south had.  Supposedly we are going to have more "normal" weather for the next week. I think I have forgotten what normal feels like at this point . . . 

Enjoy this funny video!



Wiz and Renny

Flyer and Gibson

Rip and Homer

Trigger and Moe

Apollo and Thomas snoozing in their shed

Noble, Slinky and Walden


RuckusButt said...

Here, here! I totally feel that filly's pent-up energy. I, too, have outlets I could use but am so fed up this winter, I feel like bucking in place myself!

Anonymous said...

My TB used to do that in his stall if the horses didn't get turned out for a few days, regardless of how frequently I rode him. He actually fell doing that once, so I find the video mildly terrifying even though I know the filly isn't going to fall!