Thursday, January 23, 2014


Same Status Different Day. You thought I was going to use a different word didn't you?

I know everyone is anxious to know what TEMA has to say about our current status. To save you the trouble I checked on the TEMA website and we are business as usual, in a kinda/sorta State of Emergency. Technically we are in Level IV - elevated, so a step down from actual State of Emergency. However Executive Order #35 from Governor Bill Haslam is still in effect. You will recall this Executive Order from the last blog:

"Additionally, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam issued Executive Order #35 today declaring a State of Emergency in Tennessee to exempt federal Hours of Service requirements in the state for transporting propane during this period of cold weather."

I think TEMA is going to have blown through their budget and spent more time in Levels III and IV than they ever thought possible before this winter ends. I guess I am glad they are remaining ever vigilant during our record breaking winter. Actually I wonder what the heck they are doing in their elevated status. I mean, it hasn't even snowed. It is just unseasonably cold. Are they going house to house and offering to repair people's frozen pipes? What will they do if it actually snows, shut down the whole state and tell us we are all doomed?

Of course the tractor battery is still residing in our pantry which is now its home away from home. I went with only two layers of long underwear instead of three but I won't be making that mistake again tomorrow.  It will be back to three layers tomorrow and squeezing myself in half as I attempt to button my pants. I am consoling myself with the fact that it is supposed to be pleasant this weekend, into the mid 50's on Sunday (which would be more normal for us).  

However I will be crying myself to sleep tonight since, according to our latest weather forecast from NOAA, we will be having our third polar vortex starting Monday night and ending Thursday morning. Shoot me now. Have you noticed these polar vortex events all seem to last sixty hours, or am I the only one counting?  Jason keeps telling me this weather really isn't that bad, it is sunny and pleasant and that as long as you are working it isn't cold. I will give him that it has been sunny, but I can't put on enough clothes to be warm. I could go run a marathon in my three layers of long underwear without breaking a sweat in this weather. I've tried really really hard not to complain about winter this year, you have to admit I have done way less whining than usual on the blog this winter.  However that ship has sailed and I have pretty much given up on the concept of embracing winter as of today. I had a lot of unpleasant things to say about the weather today, I was pretty much a never ending stream of negativity.

Oh, and I realized today that I am down to my last two packets of hand/toe warmers. My case is almost empty (yes I buy them by the case). I am seriously concerned about being able to buy more of them anywhere local. If I find myself without my hand and toe warmers in polar vortex number three I will be in a huge major massive epic State of Emergency. 

I hope everyone is staying warm . . . and I don't want to hear from anyone in Florida or California right now!


I always enjoy this view during the winter when the leave are off the trees

at least I have had some pretty sunrises to look at the last couple of mornings; when I look at them I momentarily forget that I am freezing

Donneur, Romeo and Lotus

Walon and Johnny

I could not tell who this was with their head buried deep in the hay . . . 

. . . it was Chance


Lily looked relaxed and happy


Murphy and Lighty were having a grand time . . . 

. . . cue me screaming "LET GO OF THE BLANKET!!!" . . .

. . . Johnny joined in the fun for a few minutes . . . 

. . . Lighty looks like he is screaming "hi ho Silver" or something


An American in Tokyo said...

I hope you weren't cold today because of what I said about wearing tights(!). =(

I should mention that if you can find fresh ginger at your local grocery store, that stuff will warm up your body like you wouldn't believe! Just grate it up and put into your soup/stew. Sometimes I even put it in my chai/milk tea! They sell pre-grated ginger in tubes in Asian supermarkets and you can keep it in the fridge and just squeeze out a little into your soup bowl or mug! =)

Lori Skoog said...

I get it! We have had arctic temperatures and I am sick of it too. Have never used hand warmer sand my Muck boots keep my feet warm with regular socks. They have never let me down. We have had sun off and on, which helps my brain. Could have ten more days of this. Your pictures are gorgeous. Stay warm...try wearing sweats over your 2 pair of long buttons.

Gwen said...

Hope you are managing to stay warm and if it makes you feel any better I would love to come visit right now and experience your "warm" weather. Been extraordinarily cold here this winter and like you am getting sick of it.

Sharon T said...

Anything above zero is "warm" by comparison. We're heading in the the polar vortex early next week, too. They're talking highs that won't touch zero and lows -18. Windchills closer to -35 or -40.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Also sick. of. it.

Although I have to agree with Jason that when I'm out working in the cold it's not so bad, the Shimmy Shack is not equipped to warm me up when I come back in. Let's just say batteries would not be safe in my pantry... ;D

Anonymous said...




Jenny said...

Yep, sick of it too. 0ยบ on my way to work this morning. Have you tried Alpaca socks and or mittens.
My socks keep my feet warm as toast. At least your skies are beautiful. Thanks for the pics.

Anonymous said...

Balaclava - keeps face warm even if it's windy.

We're in the 20s today and tomorrow, but with 40-50 mile per hour winds, no riding - the indoor sounds from inside as if it's going to collapse.

Then Monday and Tuesday, highs don't get above zero, and lows like -18, -11, etc. Add in a lot of wind, and it's going to be fun . . .

Can't wait for spring.