Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glimmer of Hope

If we can survive the next 24-ish hours, and if our weather forecast has even a remote chance of being correct, we may finally be getting a break from this miserable time of year known as winter. Even better I  might feel like complaining writing about something other than the weather. If you have read this blog in the last five weeks you might have noticed that the weather has been, well, awful. 

However we do have to get through the next 24-ish hours and supposedly that might prove to be kind of difficult. The weather models show that we are expected to get our first measurable snowfall in three years at the farm. We have had flurries a few times but it has been three years since we had accumulating snow at the farm. Depending on which forecast you read we are supposed to get anywhere from a half inch to six inches of snow. Don't bother going to the grocery store now folks, I can assure you there is nothing left to buy. 

There are three things that I find surprising about our current situation. The first one is that TEMA has not declared a State of Emergency. It is true, I looked, we are all so beaten down by the weather even TEMA is unable to muster themselves into a State of Emergency. We are however at Level IV - elevated. 

The second is that our county has still not closed the schools despite the fact that several of our neighboring counties have already officially closed the schools for tomorrow. Normally if they even forecast snow the schools are closed but apparently this time they are waiting until it actually snows to close them. Who would have thunk it? All of us poor souls in middle Tennessee have been so worn out by the weather that the schools have not been closed in anticipation of snow and we are not living in a State of Emergency. Unbelievable. We are a disgrace to ourselves as southerners. 

The third thing that is surprising to me is that Jason forgot to bring our tractor battery into the house and place it inside the pantry last night. It went down in the teens last night and there was no battery sitting in our pantry between the potato chips and the jar of honey. Even Jason is falling down on the job, not just TEMA and Giles County. It was so . . . weird . . . having a cold night and no tractor battery nestled amongst the food items.  What seemed bizarre and unthinkable to me a few weeks ago has started to feel normal.  What can I say, we all feel like limp dishrags that have been wrung out over and over and over. TEMA, Giles County, even Jason, all of us are OVER. IT. To illustrate how dire things have been it was almost 40 F and sunny yesterday afternoon and we were talking about it being a nice day. WTF??

Anyway, supposedly we have a snowpocolypse heading our way tomorrow. But after that there is a glimmer of hope. I see temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s in our ten day forecast. Please, oh please, let it be true.


O'Reilly and Noble

Walden and Merlin

Leo, Baby and Tony

Apollo and Hemi

Rip and Elfin

Walon and Oskar

Faune and Donneur

Silver, Gus and George

Maisie and Lily

Dolly, Cinnamon and MyLight

Bergie giving a tutorial on the perfect roll. We do the first side . . . 

. . . then we sit up so we can flip over to the other side . . . 

. . . then we thoroughly coat the other side while making sure we grind our head into the mud for thorough coverage . . . 

. . . then we sit up and make sure the photographer has thoroughly documented our work


Wendy Treadaway said...

Surprised to hear that Tennessee hasn't closed down, like Georgia (finally) has. Let's hope this weather pattern has been over-hyped. Good luck to you all up there!

An American in Tokyo said...

Why do Apollo and Hemi look like they were caught doing something?! ha ha!! I love the looks on their faces!!

Jenny said...

-9ยบ on my way to work this morning. I am sick of it.
The way the horses are playing look like they are sick of it to. Not the Blanket, Not the blanket! LOL

Jill said...

Isn't it funny (sad, really) what we get used to? Up here in SW Ohio we are on our 12th day of sub-zero temperatures. At first, all our schools were OMG CLOSE DOWN NOW and now we don't even have any delays. I love love LOVE winter, but I am sick of this too cold to be outside crap. Hope you guys don't get too nailed and that everything thaws quickly. Love the pics!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I'd be a little worried about the lack of a state of emergency... just sayin. ;D

Hoping the weather becomes less of an issue this weekend. I know I'm ready for it!

Also - does it sometimes seem like the horses self-segregate - by color? lol...

Funder said...

The poor battery :( Shame on Jason!