Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Done and Done

Jason and I have been very productive and crossing lots of things off of our "to do" lists the last few days. I think the one we celebrated the most was having our last dental day of the year.  We happily said goodbye to the dentist for awhile today. Dental days are by far the least favorite day for most of the horses, which generally means they are the least favorite days for Jason and I as well. Most of the horses are good about having their teeth floated, but they don't like being pulled out of the pasture for an extended period while they wait their turn, then have their teeth floated, then wait for the sedation to wear off before they can go back out. My ears are always ringing at the end of a dentist day from all of the screaming horses we have listened to all day. 

Fabrizzio was our last float of the year

Among the last group today was Sparky the donkey

We also spent a couple of days sorting and distributing blankets. This is the one time I don't mind handling the horse blankets because they are still clean.  It goes without saying that having a farm full of clean blankets will be over about five seconds after they all go on for the first time so I will enjoy it while it lasts. We finished with our dental days just in time to for dirty horse blanket season. 

We had several blanket piles like this that we had to sort and then distribute to the correct barn

blankets at the rear barn hung up and ready for use


Ritchie, Thomas and Hemi


Moe with Homer way off in the background


Grand looking unimpressed with Rip's rolling efforts

Stormy and Walon

Dolly and Maisie waiting for breakfast

Rocky and Rubrico napping; River, Johnny, Largo and Oskar hanging out. If you look closely River is making a goofy face with his tongue sticking out.


An American in Tokyo said...

That picture of Silky is like an ad for your farm! So perfect! =)

EvenSong said...

And done just in time, I'd say...gonna get cold there this week. We got hit today.