Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Jason and I have both succumbed to something over the last few days. We're pretty sure I have had the flu and according to the doctor Jason has had a sinus infection. Since I refused felt it unnecessary to go to the doctor we're only guessing at what has caused my issues. 

Hunting for Easter eggs apparently tipped me over the edge from being kind of sick but able to power on anyway to miserably sick.  We had another day scheduled with the horse dentist on Monday. I can count on one hand with fingers left over the number of times we've cancelled an appointment of any type with a vet, farrier, dentist, etc over the last decade. Heck, the day after my father died I was holding horses for the farrier all day. 

All day Sunday I kept insisting to Jason that I could get through the day with the dentist on Monday as he constantly told me I should cancel our appointment. Of course this involves getting up not later than 5am and working straight without essentially no breaks until 5pm or later by the time we get through all of the non-dentist related work. I finally waved the white flag Sunday evening when my fever made it to 102 and called the dentist and cancelled. It is a total pain to reschedule these things as any good practitioner stays busy, but I just couldn't do it.

Jason had been slowly inching his way towards being full blown sick and by Monday morning he had joined me in my misery so it was a good thing we had already cancelled. We snarked and groused at each other all day as we got through morning and afternoon chores and the other work we needed to do.  Today I had improved to the point that I only felt half-dead so I declined going to the doctor with Jason. If the trend continues tomorrow I should feel like I might actually get through this and by the end of the week I should be back among the living. Hopefully Jason will follow the same upward momentum. Here's hoping we will both be mostly functional again soon!


Nemo, Sebastian and Johnny

Lighty, Sam, Taco and Renny

Murphy, Mick and Johnny

Baby and Thomas

Leo, Chance and Homer

Kennedy, Toledo and Stormy

Dolly, Maisie and Silky


Lori Skoog said...

So sorry that you two have been hit. I did go to the doctor...no flu, a very bad cold that has to work it's way out. This is round two for me and the first one lasted a month! Doing chores is no picnic...I feel your pain. Go to the doctor.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, no fun - hope you both are much better soon!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

A busy time of year to be sick :(

Feel better soon!!

Jenny said...

If i lived closer i'd volunteer to take on farrier day for you. Hope you all feel better soon.