Thursday, May 7, 2015

First Cutting

For the last few weeks we have had what I would describe as pretty perfect spring weather. Like Goldilocks would say it hasn't been too hot nor too cold, it has been just right. As is normal for our part of the world we have had a lot of spring rain. The rain seems to have abruptly left us for almost two weeks now. We have had ideal weather for getting the first cutting of hay in, however it makes me a bit suspicious about what might be in store for the summer. 

For any number of reasons I don't like dry summers. Dry summers mean poor hay crops and higher hay prices. Dry summers mean our pastures take a real beating from the horses and it can be very hard to revitalize them. Plus we all still have terrible memories of our record breaking drought we had a few years ago. That was not a fun time. Hay prices went through the roof and never came back down to pre-drought levels. The last few summers have brought adequate rainfall which has helped ease the painful memories of the record breaking drought.

We've seen lots of farmers taking advantage of this perfect hay making weather over the past week. Hopefully most of them are having a great first cutting. Even more importantly, I hope they also have good subsequent cuttings. Here's hoping for a great hay season this year!


Apollo, Hemi and Thomas

Trigger and Homer

Rocky and Stormy napping in the sun

Dutch and Murphy

Renny, Sam and Taco

Lightning and Bruno

Johnny and Sebastian

Gus and Lofty

George and Donneur


EvenSong said...

Yes, the drought out here in the west is scary. We're at 43% of our irrigation allotment, and lots of farmers aren't even planning on a second cutting (Timothy). Lots of fields fallow, as well. Fire season will be longer and more dangerous.
I'm giving my pastures a good soaking right now, then hopefully can wait til late June and do another. Whether I'll get an August run is unclear...
Good luck with your hay! You may need to send me a care package!

Lori Skoog said...

I'm not sure where we are in the 1st cutting season. Everything is very green and we are hoping for some rain tonight. All in all, our prices per bale are pretty reasonable compared to other parts of the country. Last year, $3.75 for 1st delivered and ended up paying 4-5 for second cutting.