Thursday, May 21, 2015

Foot Stomping

In an effort to help me forget about my cold that I can't quite seem to shake, one of the horses kindly stomped on my left foot yesterday. I think he wanted to give me something else to focus on aside from being sick, and stomping on my foot definitely did the job. I was actually already starting to feel better thanks to my trip to the doctor but I guess he didn't believe me. Right after my foot stomping I thought I had at least one broken toe but thankfully that is not the case. I do have a badly bruised and very swollen toe but I can live with that. 

I have to say that a lifetime of riding and working around horses has not been kind to my feet. I've had various bones broken in both of my feet on different occasions. Thus escaping with a few bruises and some swelling doesn't seem so bad. It is really easy to find me on the farm these days. If you see a coughing person with a limp you've found me.

On a less whiny note I am happy to have made great progress in my annual body clipping marathon. I completed my tenth body clip of the last couple weeks this afternoon! I only have two, maybe three, horses that will need to be clipped and then I will be done. The finish line is in sight!


Rip's expression sums up how he felt about bathed and clipped

Rip almost finished

I tried to get a better picture of Rip's clip job outside but he all he wanted to do was scream and drag me to the pasture. I can't really blame him.

This picture does not accurately show how brown the soap suds were as I was washing Gus. I bathed him twice before I clipped him.

Gus clean and clipped

Alex wasn't overly thrilled to be participating either but he had a lot of hair that needed to go. 

Alex is finished

I only took an "after" picture of Taco.

our stray cat Oscar is still allowing us to feed him

Apollo,  Hemi and Thomas

Leo and Chance

Donneur and Gibson

Donovan and Oskar

Silver and Lotus

Silver and Cocomo

Cocomo and George

Dutch and Renny

Murphy and Blu willing me to feed them

Lighty screaming to Johnny, "play with me!" . . . 

. . . so he did


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Been there, done that . . .

Anonymous said...

love love this site.


Lori Skoog said...

Enough already! I hope your bruises heal quickly and that cold disappears. You are a pro a surprise.