Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Stills

River, Rubrico and Oskar

Tony and Thomas


Foggy morning pictures; Renny



Mick and Renny

Taco, Renny and Mick having a 3-horse grooming session

herding mares and ponies in for breakfast; Traveller, Silky, Cuffie, Lily, Calimba, Cinnamon, Norman and Dolly

Norman and Silky

2.5 inches (6.3cm) in the rain gauge this morning, and Jason had dumped an additional inch (2.5cm) out yesterday. I'm happy for all the rain but it would be great if the rainfall could spread itself out over more days. It would be a lot more useful that way.

this section of our creek is normally dry this time of year but 3.5 inches of rain (almost 9cm) has it flowing nicely for a few days

Maisie and Traveller

Cuffie and Norman

Merlin and Duesy

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