Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Stills

Moe, Homer and Tony

Ritchie and Trigger wandering through their pasture

Flyer, Faune and Asterik saying "skip the picture and let's get on with breakfast"


hay took up a lot of time over the weekend

Jason was on the job

An empty hay field because all the hay is where it should be, stacked in one of our hay barns 

Fabrizzio, Walden, Remmy and Hesse

Lighty, Johnny, Mick and Sam

Calimba, MyLight and Cinnamon

It's not every day that we see Lily in the middle of the Pony Power Club, it was a picture worthy occasion. Cuffie, Travller, Lily and Norman

Faune and Donneur

George and Cocomo

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