Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More Clipping

In May I had my annual spring clipping marathon. My total count for body clipping in  May was 12 horses over a two week period. My arms were pretty tired by the end of those two weeks! All of the horses that I body clipped have PPID/Cushings, so it is no surprise that they were being slow to shed or not really shedding at all. 

This week I had the opportunity to hang out with my clippers some more. I needed to re-clip Lily, Cuffie and Lightning. All three of them had grown back too much hair, and Cuffie had grown back a very complete winter coat over the last three months. I think they were all happy to be relieved of their extra hair. Only needing to clip three horses felt like a walk in the park after clipping twelve this spring.  


Lily in progress (Cuffie watching from the stall behind her)

Cuffie looking for an escape route. What do you mean you're only halfway done?

Cuffie had a full winter coat again

Can we please be done now? This is so boring.

Cuffie and Lily wanted to skip the final picture, they were both looking towards their pasture . . . 

. . . and they were off the moment I let them go.

Lightning in progress

Elfin, Rip and Grand

Silky, Lightning, Lucky and O'Reilly

MyLight and Dolly

Hesse, Merlin and Remmy

Sebastian, Sam and Johnny

Asterik and George

Flyer and Faune

Gus, Gibson and Donneur

Clayton, Largo and Rubrico



Kate said...

The Lil looks much cooler - and glad to get away!

EvenSong said...

Is it just coincidence that all three that needed the additional clipping were grays?