Thursday, October 8, 2015


(post by Jason) Melissa has written at some length about my gravel addiction. What she hasn't mentioned is that over time she's secretly become addicted as well. I thought I saw some signs last spring but it seemed controllable at the time. Who, after all, doesn't look longingly at an empty gravel truck, wishing it a speedy return ? 

But a few days ago, when we were looking at adding gravel to the feeding areas in a couple of pastures, it became apparent that she had fully succumbed to the addiction. In a whisper so quiet I couldn't believe I heard her correctly she said, "Let's add some more." So we did. And it was good. Thirteen loads worth of good. Twenty loads when combined with what we got this spring. 

Unfortunately, like every addiction, soon we'd run through our cash. And ultimately, it still wasn't enough. "I wish we had more." she said. " I know it." I replied. "Twice that much might actually do the job." But of course we all know it would never be enough. 

Day 1 of gravel deliveries

a beautiful start to day 2 of gravel deliveries

fresh gravel piles awaiting Jason and the tractor

Jason spreading one of our many, but still far too few, gravel piles

Bruno and Duesy having fun climbing a gravel pile

Bonnie and Griselle

River and Gus

Johnny and Lighty

Toledo and Kennedy

Gibson having his teeth floated




Leslie said...

Blah blah blah Booooonnnniiiieeeee!

Anonymous said...

One question - what grade of gravel do you use?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate.

It can be called many things in various parts of the country but basically it's the fines left over after the gravel has been crushed. It packs down nicely and (as you can see) the horses don't mind walking on it at all....they even climb the piles. If it's muddy we'll use a heavier grade to make a base and then spread a layer of this on top.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I feel equally lustful about truckloads of sand, which I need ten of at the moment. My girlfriends joke about registering me with the sand guys, should I ever get hitched. :D

Lori Skoog said...

It almost looks like stone dust. How about some photos of how it looks now.....