Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Stills

A pretty morning on the farm. If you look closely there are five horses in this picture. Left to right Maisie, Calimba, Cuffie, Lily and Norman

a closer look at Maisie, Calimba and Cuffie

Convey, Homer and Chance

Walden and Fabrizzio


Happy, Murphy, Nemo, Sam, Taco and Mick having a relaxing day

a closer look at Happy and Murphy

a closer look at Mick

a closer look at Nemo, Same and Taco

Remmy, Hesse and Baner with Duesy behind them

Griselle, Sparky and Bonnie

Roho and Kennedy playing

River and Rubrico

Slinky, Lucky and Lightning

Duesy and Merlin


kbreitenwischer said...

Melissa, great pics!! How many horses do you have living with you? They are so lucky!!

RuckusButt said...

The horses look fantastic. As always, but sometimes this time of year can give them challenges in how they look. But they all look great. I love the early morning picture. I feel sure I'd have a much easier time waking up to that scene and hard labour (mental & physical) rather than waking up to go to cubicle land and only mental labour, sometimes menial mental labour, at that. It pays well but isn't the stuff of dreams, most days.